Gajim - 2016-03-04

  1. Robert hi i installed python-axolotl via pip but omemo plugin tells me: Warning: Please install python-axolotl
  2. Robert any idea?
  3. kalkin Robert: which version of python-axolotl, which version of omemo, which os?
  4. kalkin does this work: python -c "import axolotl"?
  5. Robert linux mint 17.3 python-axolotl (0.1.7) python-axolotl-curve25519 (0.1)
  6. Robert omemo plugin 0.4
  7. Robert no result after python -c "import axolotl"
  8. kalkin no result is good. it would throw an error if it does not work
  9. Robert okay sounds good ;)
  10. kalkin Robert: can you also look up the Gajim version?
  11. Robert sure
  12. Robert 0.16.5-58023a4af19f
  13. Robert latest nightly
  14. kalkin Robert: this is weird. I'm also running the latest nightly (but on fedora) and it works
  15. kalkin I installed python-axolotl with pip install --user, but this shouldn't be an issue
  16. kalkin Robert: I assume you just checked out HG? Or does Linux Mint provide the nightly?
  17. Robert i can try to run gajim with root
  18. kalkin Robert: no
  19. kalkin There is no reason for that.
  20. Robert kalkin, okay
  21. Robert no hg, i create a package list with
  22. kalkin Robert: sorry do what you like, but I do not like run arbitary programms as root and my paranoia took over :)
  23. Robert makes updates easier :)
  24. Robert >sorry do what you like, but I do not like run arbitary programms as root and my paranoia took over you are completely right :)
  25. Robert i installed the python module with sudo pip install ...
  26. Robert so im not sure a unprivileged user can use this module
  27. kalkin Robert: may be you packaed something wrong? On a Linux system by default gajim would load the available modules if a plugin uses import foo. May be it does search in wrong directories on debian?
  28. kalkin Robert: well it should be able. This is how python works afaik
  29. Robert kalkin, okay
  30. Robert >May be it does search in wrong directories on debian? how can i check this?
  31. kalkin Robert: have you also thought about making a python-axolotl .deb package? May be than you will encounter some python issues?
  32. kalkin Robert: sudo updatedb && locate axolotl
  33. Robert > have you also thought about making a python-axolotl .deb package? i dont know how :)
  34. Robert >sudo updatedb && locate axolotl okay, thanks :)
  35. kalkin The axolotl package is at fedora in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/axolotl
  36. Robert seems to be in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/
  37. kalkin Robert: May be your python does not search in /usr/local?
  38. kalkin Debian: Does have a point with installing it in /usr/local, but may be python is misconfigured?
  39. Robert i dont know locate axolotl gives me /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/python_axolotl-0.1.7.egg-info/PKG-INFO /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/python_axolotl-0.1.7.egg-info/SOURCES.txt /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/python_axolotl-0.1.7.egg-info
  40. kalkin Robert: This is why i said you probably want to have a python-axolotl package. The Arch guys also build one for Gajim. If i were you i would just install as normal user via pip install --user python-axolotl and see if it works
  41. Robert >pip install --user python-axolotl tells me already installed
  42. kalkin Robert: sudo pip uninstall python-axolotl && pip install --user python-axolotl
  43. Robert >sudo pip uninstall python-axolotl && pip install --user python-axolotl done, i restart gajim but not working
  44. kalkin Robert: can you please check if OMEMO is enabled in Plugins?
  45. Robert it is not enabled but i cant enable it
  46. Robert
  47. kalkin Robert: ok it's definitly an issue with Gajim not finding your python modules. I really have no idea but there is something wrong with your Debian packaging, or Debian python packaging in general
  48. mathieui there is always something wrong in debian python packaging
  49. kalkin I wouldn't be surprised if it's a Linux Mint only issue...
  50. Robert :D
  51. Robert thank you
  52. Robert anything that i can do without switching the os?
  53. kalkin Robert: Debug it further. Go irc #mint and ask there, ask in #python
  54. Robert kalkin, thanks for your help
  55. kalkin Robert: you are welcome if you have further questions, just post it here, some one will answer :)
  56. Robert ;)
  57. tmolitor Kalkin, robert: I use Debian and IT worked for me...
  58. jen hello
  59. jen hello
  60. de-facto when subsribed to a pubsub service, where/how can i see published messages in gajim?
  61. de-facto nevermind i found it already
  62. SouL Do videoconferences work?