Gajim - 2016-03-02

  1. Dr. Watson what's this? "Server-to-server connection failed: dialback authentication failed"
  2. Link Mauve Dr. Watson, the server you tried to contact likely couldn’t connect back to your server.
  3. Link Mauve This can happen when your DNS isn’t setup well.
  4. Dr. Watson Well, that could be why my new account fails to send and receive freindship requests then
  5. Dr. Watson What does this mean? <a xmlns="urn:xmpp:sm:2" h="88" />
  6. Link Mauve Dr. Watson, this is an ack, as defined in XEP-0198.
  7. ganatronic Asterix, small follow-up to my issue the other day with the red X's showing up on all my chats to a friend who is using Profanity: yesterday we set up OpenPGP encryption for our chats, and now the red X's are gone. Well, occasionally they still show up.
  8. Asterix ganatronic: thanks for the update