Gajim - 2016-02-25

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #7364 (Support for XEP-0313) updated Is there any way to make these messages appear as "New" once user received them? Replying to Nebukadneza: One last question remains: Do we want to mark those message new, or simply leave them in history without "notifying" the user?
  2. Robert hi, any news to hashsum error with gajim repo?
  3. Link Mauve Robert, I haven’t seen Asterix yesterday.
  4. Robert Link Mauve, thanks for the info ;)
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8267 (HTML escaping breaks in sent messages with spaces in the beginning) updated Status changed Ouch, indeed -- the culprit was gajim-otr plugin. I'm sorry, I should have done this before creating a ticket. Please close. (For the record -- I've sent messages with a chat window)
  6. b_b hi
  7. kalkin Did the gajim hg cert changed to d6:d9:87:3a:cb:4e:98:15:e7:00:4e:0c:68:14:0f:b1:71:83:8b:d9 ?
  8. Link Mauve That’s what Firefox tells me.
  9. kalkin Ok thanks
  10. Robert Is encryption in muc working?
  11. kalkin Robert: Not sure about S2S, but OTR and OMEMO does not work in MUCs
  12. kalkin Conversations (Android client) supports GPG for MUCs but no idea if Gajim supports this
  13. kalkin Robert: did you have something specific in mind?
  14. Robert kalkin: otr omemo :)
  15. Robert I hate openpgp :)
  16. Robert But okay if it is not working
  17. Asterix Robert: I don't have this hashsum error anymore since sunday
  18. b_b hey Asterix :)
  19. Asterix Hi b_b
  20. b_b trying an update right now
  21. b_b same error
  22. b_b it was ok for a day, maybe
  23. b_b W: Impossible de récupérer Somme de contrôle de hachage incohérente
  24. Asterix # apt-get update [...] Hit:8 unstable InRelease
  25. Asterix mais effectivement le hash n'est pas bon ...
  26. kalkin Robert: otr can not work in muc's
  27. kalkin Robert: omemo could probably when MIX(MUC2) arrives, but it will only scale to small mucs for a few friends
  28. Robert Yes you are right otr ist end to end:)
  29. Robert I got the Hashsum error today ...
  30. Asterix hmmm no, checksum is ok
  31. Asterix no no I don't see why you have something wrong ...
  32. Robert I will retry tomorrow :-)
  33. Asterix b_b: get the, look at the md5sum, and get, compute the md5sum
  34. Asterix b_b: get the, look at the md5sum, and get, compute the md5sum
  35. b_b got it
  36. Robert But it is the right way to install gajim keyring?
  37. Asterix get it via https if you prefer
  38. b_b so what i should i do with that ? ^^
  39. Robert Https instead of FTP://... ?
  40. Asterix yes
  41. Asterix at least it's secure
  42. Robert But this makes no difference with hashsum right?
  43. Asterix b_b: maybe you have an incorrect cach somewhere?
  44. Asterix Robert: no it's the same file
  45. b_b ok, i'll check that
  46. Robert Hmm im sure i try it monday and get hashsum error after install gajim keyring package ...
  47. Asterix b_b: but I'd really ylike to know what's going wrong to be sure it's not something on my side ...
  48. Asterix hashsun and keyring are unrelated thing
  49. Robert Hmm then i dont understand why i have this error...
  50. Asterix and now?
  51. Robert Any other idea how to fix this?
  52. b_b it works now Asterix
  53. b_b :)
  54. Asterix ok so a file is not updated in my script ... need to check why
  55. b_b thx
  56. de-facto Does Gajim automatically ask for all muc members on joining?
  57. Asterix no, MUC component sends us a presence for each participant
  58. de-facto hmm i see
  59. de-facto can i get Gajim to ask for all participants?
  60. Asterix no, there is nothing like that in the protocole
  61. de-facto im trying to debug a problem with a transport where participants are hidden until talking
  62. Asterix you mean you get the participant list only when you send a message ?
  63. de-facto sometimes i dont see any, sometimes only some, sometimes only those who talk
  64. de-facto im not sure where they get lost
  65. b_b hop ++
  66. Asterix the transport is with which protocole?
  67. de-facto its quite a long stack Gajim -> Prosody Component -> Spectrum 2 gateway -> libcommuni backend -> ZNC bouncer -> IRC Server
  68. de-facto Spectrum 2 translates from XMPP to IRC
  69. Asterix ok, so you can check in Gajim in XML console. if you see presences here but participants are not shown, bug is in Gajim, else it's higher in the stack
  70. de-facto when i connect with HexChat to ZNC i see all participants of an irc channel
  71. de-facto where would you guess those get lost?
  72. Asterix if all is ok in ZNC, then it's in spectrum or in Gajim
  73. de-facto i think spectum asks irc WHO command every 5 minutes or so
  74. de-facto but since hexchat sees all participants in ZNC and when i use Swiften to connect to prosody i get the same behaviour id guess spectrum too but not sure
  75. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8267 (HTML escaping breaks in sent messages with spaces in the beginning) closed worksforme: thanks for the tests and reply.
  76. Asterix if swiften and Gajim behaves similary, I'd also say both client don't have the same bug ... so problem is elsewhere ...
  77. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8277 (Random old messages appear in open chat windows on reconnect (without …) updated I guess you don't have a way to reproduce the bug for sure? in History, are they with the correct date time? What's the values of restore_lines / restore_timeout options?