Gajim - 2016-02-22

  1. Robert hi i try to install gajim from
  2. Robert i have added the repo, update package list and install gajim-dev-keyring
  3. Robert if i do apt-get update now, i got an hashsum error
  4. Robert i do something wrong?
  5. b_b hi
  6. b_b i've got an error whith gajim repo since two days
  7. b_b W: Impossible de récupérer Somme de contrôle de hachage incohérente
  8. b_b anyone knows something about it ?
  9. Darlan Robert has asked about it (see log above).
  10. b_b ok, i see
  11. b_b no infos about it for now so...
  12. b_b thx Darlan
  13. Darlan You are welcome. Please come back this evening, when Asterix is, usually, here.
  14. b_b ok, i'll stay on idle here ;)
  15. a roster contact of my own JID shows with envelope icon in roster, and Gajim roster window title implies there are unread messages. However, when I double-click this contact, no messages are shown in chats window, and the unread messages status is not reset. Gajim 0.16.5.
  16. bert Hi, do you guys know there's a hashing problem on the debian/ubuntu repo?
  17. b_b yep bert
  18. bert good :P
  19. b_b have to wait this evening to ping asterix
  20. bert aah k ;)
  21. Darlan b_b, bebehei, Robert, the administrator is here.
  22. b_b hehe
  23. b_b hop Asterix :)
  24. Asterix FTP fixed
  25. b_b (y) Asterix :)
  26. b_b nickel
  27. Asterix what about the systray?
  28. Asterix, I don't have one actually
  29. Asterix ha ok. I guess You didn't run Gajim from a console?
  30. 't was started by window manager hotkey this time i guess
  31. would you like me to restart it and share console log?
  32. b_b hop ++
  33. Asterix the problem is that I'm quite sure you won't be able to reproduce this behaviour :/
  34. Asterix tmolitor: ping?
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