Gajim - 2016-02-18

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  2. Thomas Hello
  3. Thomas Is someone here who can help me with xep-0313?
  4. Flow Thomas: don't ask to ask, just ask
  5. Thomas Alright, so I'M using prosody self hosted as xmpp server and have configured it to enable the xep-0313 feature. Is there a way how I can prove whether the server is working as expected?
  6. Thomas I mean something like asking the server if the feature isworking
  7. Thomas (I'm using gajim 0.16.5)
  8. arune 313 is mam right?
  9. Thomas yes
  10. arune Install Conversations for Android and check server info under account
  11. arune Which version of prosody?
  12. Thomas 0.10 nightly
  13. arune That should work. Is that the same as trunk?
  14. LordVan hi
  15. Thomas should be the trunk of last night
  16. LordVan why does gajim some times go about re-fetchign the whole history from the server
  17. LordVan Thomas, you can check prosody mam esttings (and change them ) using server comands
  18. LordVan just go to Actions -> Discover Services -> your server then in that window to "Prosody" (your server) and click execute command
  19. Thomas how can i do that?
  20. LordVan at the bottom you'll have Archive settings
  21. Zash LordVan: That's a separate plugin
  22. LordVan you might ahve to enalbe it
  23. LordVan Zash, ah point taken
  24. LordVan my mistake then
  25. arune Thomas: note that gajim only updates the history window with mam messages, not the chat windiw
  26. LordVan arune, i have to say unfortunately not
  27. Thomas there is a list of approximately 20 commands
  28. LordVan arune, my gajim likes to fetch the whole history flashing with notifications
  29. Thomas but nothing about archive
  30. Thomas yes, I've noticed the point about the history window
  31. LordVan Thomas, you need the mam_adhoc module
  32. LordVan arune, and then gajim goes and notifies me for 135k messages
  33. LordVan not fun
  34. Thomas for prosody?
  35. LordVan it gets stuck for about 4 hours
  36. LordVan Thomas, yes
  37. Thomas why is that?
  38. Zash Thomas: Run the 'List loaded modules' command and look for 'mam'
  39. arune LordVan: didn't happen for me, gajim 0.16.5?
  40. LordVan yepp
  41. LordVan ah wait
  42. LordVan not on this machine
  43. LordVan lemme update it
  44. LordVan oh btw
  45. Thomas Zash: what's the 'list loaded modules' command?
  46. LordVan i have a very strange gajim issue on my laptop
  47. Thomas ah, found it
  48. Thomas mam is the list
  49. LordVan i try to start gajim on my laptop it *always* uses 100% cpu and more and more memory
  50. LordVan and won't even let me kill it properl.y
  51. LordVan no idea why
  52. LordVan so i have to use pidgin there
  53. LordVan (tried different gajim versions, updates to python, pythong tk stuff,..
  54. LordVan very strange
  55. LordVan i am also a bit out on ideas how to debug since the machine locks up fairly quick
  56. Thomas LordVan: Where can I find the 'mam_adhoc' module and what is it for?
  57. LordVan Thomas,
  58. Thomas I can only see admin_adhoc but not mam_adhoc
  59. LordVan
  60. arune LordVan: maybe this
  61. LordVan restarting gajim
  62. Thomas LordVan: alright, I've installed the module
  63. Zash That's not going to tell you if mam works tho
  64. LordVan don'T forget to reload the server
  65. LordVan well no but it will let you access the settings ;)
  66. Thomas yes, it's reloaded
  67. Zash Reloading does not load new modules
  68. Thomas I've restarted the service
  69. LordVan :)
  70. LordVan Zash, he did the right thing even though i wrote it worng :D nice ;)
  71. Thomas :-)
  72. Zash The Best thing would have been to use ad-hoc commands
  73. Thomas Now I can see the archive point in the list of actions
  74. LordVan true
  75. Thomas magic
  76. LordVan arune, i think it is probably that since i am using a broadcom driver
  77. Thomas There is also the setting to activate the feature
  78. LordVan although i've recently upgraded kernel and am now using b43 instead of the braodcom binary driver
  79. Thomas LordVan: Is that the intended way to activate the mam feature for a user?
  80. Zash If you have the latest version of mod_mam it's enabled by default
  81. Zash mod_mam_adhoc isn't required but it's nice becasue no client seems to implement the settings protocol
  82. Thomas ok
  83. LordVan i don't think it is needed tbh ^ ^
  84. LordVan Zash, knows that a lot better than me anyway ^ ^
  85. Thomas I've just left it disabled by default for privacy reasons
  86. LordVan ^^
  87. LordVan arune, i now don't have that proc file so i hope gajim works now on the laptop
  88. LordVan (i find pidgin a bit .. annoying tbh)
  89. LordVan arune, although it'd be nice to put some workaround in gajim to maybe nto try to open that file (if possible;))
  90. Thomas Thank you guys, it seems to work, at least the server side. I can see the updated timestamp for the database file
  91. Zash Odd. Archiving should be enabled by default now.
  92. Thomas Oh, I can see that conversations offers an option the toggle the mam archiving preference
  93. Zash Thomas: What?
  94. Thomas Conversations on android is offering to configure the preference whether to use the archiving feature or not
  95. Zash Since when? I haven't seen anything like that
  96. Thomas I'm in the account details -> menu button -> Archiving preferences
  97. LordVan i prefer Xabber on android (the Beta version from the play store)
  98. Zash What version?
  99. Thomas 1.9.4
  100. Thomas Does xabber also support mam?
  101. Zash I think it supports the older more complicated archiving protocol
  102. Thomas an excerpt of the conversations changelog: Version 1.9.4 - prevent cleared Conversations from reloading history with MAM - various MAM fixes
  103. Thomas released on 2016-02-15, so pretty new
  104. Zash I have 1.9.3 and can't find anything
  105. LordVan Thomas, xabber supports some archive protcol - tbh i don't care too much about having all the archives on my phone anyway ;)
  106. Zash
  107. LordVan well gtg. cya tomorrow
  108. Thomas good bye