Gajim - 2016-02-17

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  3. arcade hm... what should I do on a system without host, nslookup and libasyncns?
  4. Link Mauve Implement a new resolver using gio!
  5. cuc hi
  6. cuc is there a known issue with gajims OTR plguin and messages are not sent to other users in the roster (with OTR deactivated)?
  7. cuc if i deactivate the OTR plugin all works as excepted
  8. cuc if i activate the OTR plugin messages are not sent or displayed
  9. cuc the other client has no idea of OTR but i don't think thats the issue
  10. cuc otr plugin v1.9.2 and gajim 0.16
  11. Link Mauve cuc, first update Gajim, 0.16 is super-old, 0.16.5 is the latest one.
  12. cuc well, thats the one in the repos
  13. cuc ubuntu 15.10 that is
  14. cuc one of my users told me has issues with s2s with another jabber server
  15. cuc and i tracked it down to gajim with otr
  16. Link Mauve Look at to update it.
  17. Link Mauve Except you don’t have to remove gajim, just add the repository, apt update, apt upgrade, and that should be it.
  18. cuc ok thats it
  19. cuc he seems to use an old gajim
  20. cuc with 0.16 and the otr plugin enabled messages are not delivered
  21. cuc great
  22. cuc with 0.16.5 it works
  23. cuc the funny thing is, message reception always works
  24. cuc just sending from gajim doesnt
  25. cuc Link Mauve, thanks i didn't expect to be able to activate plugins that obviously don't work with my version
  26. Link Mauve Maybe whoever updated the plugin forgot to bump the minimum version. :/
  27. arune is down?
  28. moparisthebest dns failure looks like, so yea
  29. moparisthebest ah gajim's DNSSEC is messed up:
  30. moparisthebest so anyone validating it can't resolve anything...
  31. moparisthebest I should say
  32. moparisthebest RRSIG's have expired, did the primary dns not renew them? who runs that?
  33. moparisthebest someone just fixed it :) should work now arune
  34. arune moparisthebest, alright
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