Gajim - 2016-02-11

  1. Sebseb01 Hello
  2. Sebseb01 I have prosody as server, MAM is correctly working from Conversation ... but visibly not from Gajim ...
  3. Sebseb01 I do not know what to do to look the problem
  4. arune Sebseb01: how do you know it's not working?
  5. Sebseb01 "Edit archiving preference" (i have french menu) it's grey ! .... and a just note my history is'nt recover
  6. arune Sebseb01: I'm not sure the archiving preference is for mam
  7. arune Did you look for history in the history browser?
  8. Sebseb01 Yes ... But History browser don't have my MAM history (and it not request it in XML consol)
  9. arune Sebseb01, gajim version?
  10. Sebseb01 Gajim 0.16.5
  11. Sebseb01 in advanced settings, I have a last_mam_id
  12. arune Sebseb01, and this is one-2-one chats right, not conferences?
  13. Sebseb01 yes one-to-one
  14. Sebseb01 (mam on muc is an other subject ... but it either not work in coversation)
  15. Holger Sebseb01: Does the 'last_mam_id' have a value?
  16. Sebseb01 yes !
  17. Holger So it did work at some point ...
  18. Sebseb01 Yes "at some point" ... ;-)
  19. Holger If you enable the XML console before logging in and then search the complete output for "urn:xmpp:mam", do you see the server announcing it? And nothing else?
  20. Sebseb01 <feature var='urn:xmpp:mam:0'/>
  21. Sebseb01 disco#info
  22. Holger So that's the only occurance of that string?
  23. Sebseb01 no, i have other occurance
  24. Sebseb01 (first is out ... second is in !)
  25. suffers from having many rooms tabs (20+) in gajim, the chat tabs don't fit in a fullhd display's width, having weird "scrolling"
  26. mathieui, there is an option in ACE to display vertical tabs instead
  27. mathieui I don’t remember how it’s called
  28. mathieui but you can fit more, this way
  29. what is ACE?
  30. mathieui advanced configuration editor
  31. mathieui somewhere in the configuration tab there is a button to open the advanced window
  32. found it
  33. thanks
  34. mathieui (I can’t be more specific because I haven’t used gajim in a very long while :x)
  35. cannot find any relevant option
  36. mathieui tabs_position to "left"
  37. mathieui probably
  38. this option has no hint... will try now... thanks
  39. yep, thus i can fit more tabs, and they are now weird in different way (width of caption is not editable) :)
  40. thanks mathieui
  41. kalkin well it's gajim. Just hack a fix for that and add an option to ACE :D
  42. Holger Sebseb01: So it looks like the server simply doesn't have any MAM messages newer than that UID. You could reset the 'last_mam_id' if you'd like Gajim to (re-)fetch any earlier messages.
  43. Sebseb01 Holger, I found my problem
  44. Sebseb01 I think the UID as incorrect (maybe get during first test) ! ... I have just clear last_mam_id ... and i get all my history
  45. Sebseb01 Thanks !!!
  46. Sebseb01 (Next step ... MAM on my MUC room)
  47. arune Sebseb01, will you fix gajim???
  48. Sebseb01 arune, is not a XEP bug ? The server should notify the error !
  49. arune gajim does not have muc mam support
  50. arune however, conversations supports muc mam but the issue may be that conversations checks mam availability for the room, not for the component and some servers have/had issues with that
  51. Sebseb01 i don't know that ... maybe if i stay unemployed ...
  52. Sebseb01 (for last_mam_id invalid ... My server should have done that => )
  53. narcode mpv
  54. narcode euhhh I'm sorry
  55. xbright :DDD
  56. SouL Hahahaha
  57. kalkin always good to know that youtube-dl even supports pornhub
  58. arcade it doesn't
  59. kalkin now I'm curios, how narcode wanted to play this in mpv?
  60. vorner It needs a compile-time switch to include support for these „questionable“ sites. But I'm curious if it can be played in mpv directly somehow.
  61. kalkin it can be
  62. kalkin youtube-dl supports it, i just tried it out
  63. kalkin at least the youtube-dl provided by Fedora
  64. kalkin vorner: everything supported by youtube-dl can be played in mpv
  65. vorner That's cool. Why did I have to write that script using youtube-dl to extract the URL and feed it to mpv? O:-)
  66. Link Mauve vorner, long ago, mpv was using quvi instead, and even longer ago it didn’t support any of this.
  67. Link Mauve If you are using an obsolete-by-design distribution, like Debian or many other ones, you may simply not have a recent enough version.
  68. vorner I'm using broken-by-design distribution like Gentoo O:-). I just never tried that directly.
  69. vorner It really does work :-) Thanks for the tip.
  70. SouL yeah, youtube-dl in Debian is old :(
  71. SouL I had to use the one from their repo
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