Gajim - 2016-02-10

  1. kalkin I want to get rid of the current OMEMO aes gcm implementation because it's not compatible with python3 and it's slow.
  2. kalkin PyCryptdome supports AES GCM, but it uses the same namespace as PyCrypto and is used by Gajim, python-axolotl and gajim-omemo plugin
  3. kalkin It would be possible to port Gajim to use PyCryptodome, this should not be a big issue, this way the otr plugin, gajim, http-upload plugin and omemo plugin could use PyCryptdome.
  4. kalkin Gajim would probably need to bundle PyCryptdome and provided it by itself, because most system only offer pycrypto and both don't play well.
  5. kalkin tmolitor: iNPUTmice mentioned you spoke about a simmilar aproach with him?
  6. tmolitor kalkin: yes, I added decryption of encrypted images to the url_image_preview plugin and the current aes_gcm handlin is *very* slow...and pycryptodome would be more future proof anyway...
  7. kalkin tmolitor: the biggest issue with pycryptodome is that now one uses it and same namespace
  8. kalkin PyCrypto has AES GCM support implemented, but in a not released 2.7a1 version
  9. kalkin Perhaps it would be easier to convince the developer to release a 2.7 version of it?
  10. kalkin s/now one uses/no one uses/
  11. tmolitor kalkin: you're right...that would be even easier :)
  12. kalkin
  13. tmolitor Kalkin: Good, let's See what the response will be like :)
  14. kalkin tmolitor: btw python-cryptography has support for AES GCM inside of hazmat subpackage
  15. kalkin This is what i used for my first implementation, but there were people who were having a to old python-cryptografy package and it was missing the hazmat stuff
  16. kalkin perhaps we should just use the hazmat stuff and check if the python-cryptography has the needed version else disable
  17. tmolitor Kalkin: besides that...IT would bei nice to have encryption hooks (events) in gajim which plugins can implement to Support arbitrary plugins with a convenient method to encrypt Or decrypt the http upload plugin Or the URL Image preview plugin...
  18. kalkin tmolitor: Darlan opened an issue for that
  19. kalkin tmolitor: you have to refactor some parts of the gajim code for that
  20. tmolitor Currently I have to reinvent the wheel Form every plugin...
  21. kalkin full ack
  22. tmolitor Yes , I know...but this should be Not too difficult I think...
  23. tmolitor Well...use the hazmat package and when IT is too old Fall back to the current Implementation...sounds like a good idea :)
  24. kalkin tmolitor: aehm, or we can do that. :D
  25. kalkin yeah fall back is a good choice
  26. tmolitor Kalkin: btw: your comment "why gajim, why?" In the omemo plugin...this From and to jid thing is Part of another Bug in gajim :D
  27. kalkin tmolitor: all the cred for the comment belongs to iNPUTmice :), but yes why GAJIM?!
  28. tmolitor When you have a pm window open for a anonymous muc and you use another Client to write a pm to this contact this pm gets displayed in gajim as coming from your Chat Partner instead of coming Form you...
  29. tmolitor kalkin: very strange bug...and I also don't know why gajim does this from and to address swapping...
  30. kalkin tmolitor: i checked up to cryptography version 1.0. everything >=1.1 works
  31. tmolitor kalkin: sounds nice...I'll copy your changes in the omemo plugin to my plugins once this fallback thing is ready :)
  32. tmolitor or I'll create an encrypt-data and decrypt-data event in gajim...
  33. tmolitor kalkin: do you know the ticket number of this event thing? you said darlan opened a ticket for this...
  34. kalkin tmolitor: no, but it was more about unified ui what he wanted, less about events. In general the whole encryption handling needs to be reworked, so you could also do unified ui
  35. tmolitor kalkin: ah okay...well...the most important part for me are this events...because it would save me from a lot of duplicated work...I think I'll create a new ticket for this then...
  36. Dave Cridland Does anyone know if the Gajim projrect is interested in GSoC under the XSF?
  37. Link Mauve Dave Cridland, you should ask again later, in the CET evening, when Asterix usually is here.
  38. kalkin tmolitor:
  39. kalkin Btw this fall back does not make much sense in python-omemo, because has cryptography>=1.1 as dependency in it, so it should never need to fall back to the python version
  40. kalkin also the python fallback only works in python 2
  41. arune Dave Cridland: gajim is feature complete ☺
  42. arune We just need to fix all nasty bugs and update the ui
  43. kalkin gajim could use a lot of refactoring and it needs tests
  44. kalkin moar tests!
  45. kalkin If i would be a student, I would propose refactoring the whole encryption ui and code stuff
  46. kalkin At the moment gpg and s2s are integrated in gajim with custom code. This needs to be provided by plugins.
  47. kalkin The ui needs to provide hooks for all encryption plugins, currently there is a lot of custom code and if else branches in code
  48. tmolitor kalking: yes, that would be the correct and clean way...all encryption types in plugins...
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  50. tmolitor kalkin: the same refacturing would be needed for file transfers...
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