Gajim - 2016-02-09

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  2. LordVan Hi
  3. LordVan woudl it be possible for gajim to summarize subscription dialogue boxes (all kinds of it) into one with a list (like then one where it asks in bulk about adding people -- from a facebook transport in my case)
  4. Link Mauve LordVan, oh, that’d be useful indeed, Swift does that in a pretty nice way, in a second tab in the roster window.
  5. LordVan i jsut got flooded by FB transport with 400 boxes
  6. LordVan not useful
  7. Link Mauve Ow.
  8. LordVan twice
  9. LordVan well time for food ;) cya later
  10. Link Mauve \o_
  11. LordVan i shall figure out how to put in a feature requst for that later :D
  12. 007, haha really ? :D
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  14. Asterix tmolitor: Hi
  15. tmolitor astrix: hi
  16. Asterix about your 20000 list, it should be list = list[-20000:], not the opposite as you did
  17. tmolitor oh...sure?
  18. tmolitor I didn't test this though...
  19. Asterix >>> l = [1, 2, 3] >>> l[:-2] [1] >>> l[-2:] [2, 3]
  20. tmolitor asterix: oh okay...kann you correct this directly in the export files? or is that impossible?
  21. Asterix yes I can, no pb
  22. Asterix no hash in the file or things like that
  23. tmolitor asterix: okay, that's good :)
  24. Asterix tmolitor: pushed
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  26. tmolitor asterix: great! :)
  27. tmolitor in your video it seems like gajim is loading the muc history and while this is happening you get the message duplicates...well...gajim nightly should have a patch agains duplicate messages from tomorrow should try that and see if that helps :)
  28. tmolitor, thanks. Unfortunately my previous effort, gajim-9999.ebuild doesn't work
  29. Asterix tmolitor: hmm daily package is build against 0.16 branch, not default one, and the patch is in default
  30. tmolitor asterix: oh okay....forgot that...when do you plan to abandon the 0.16 branch and go to the default branch (which is python 3?)
  31. Link Mauve tmolitor, no, the plan is not to abandon anything, it’s to fix the regressions of the default branch and only after this release to drop the previous ones.
  32. Asterix when it will be ready ... I Still have issues with metacontacts (I don't really know what), jingle isn't working perfectly well
  33. Asterix never tested FT
  34. Link Mauve Avahi support is disabled as well.
  35. Asterix right, the lib is not the same, so many things need to be re-written
  36. Link Mauve FT should be updated to :4 also.
  37. tmolitor asterix, Link Mauve: okay, then my patches should be applied to the 0.16 branch as well, I think...
  38. tmolitor the message duplication patch needs an additional "import hashlib" (it was already imported in the default branch)
  39. tmolitor asterix: I replied to both xep-0184 tickets...
  40. Asterix me too (7548) :)
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  42. Asterix tmolitor: and the other one too
  43. Asterix GN
  44. tmolitor asterix: gn