Gajim - 2016-02-02

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  2. kousu I'm trying to build on nbxmpp and I'm a bit lost. Are there docs?
  3. kousu I think XMPPDispatcher is where I want to start. It sends the opening <stream:stream /> stanza and has bits about parsing, but it's got a lot of indirection going on and I'm confused.
  4. kousu But the parse method is actually in simplexml
  5. kousu And I can't find where the buffering is happening, though it must.
  6. kousu Does anyone here know this code? Guide me?
  7. kalkin kousu: had you a look at sleekxmpp or more blleding edge (as in python 3.4/5) slikxmpp?
  8. kousu No I hadn't kalkin!
  9. kalkin kousu: had you a look at sleekxmpp or more bleeding edge (as in python 3.4/5) slikxmpp?
  10. kousu I didn't know there was another option
  11. kalkin kousu: I assume you are not working on Gajim, but just need a python xmpp library
  12. kousu Yeah, that's right.
  13. kousu xmpppy is dead and nbxmpp is the fork that's maintained by gajim, right?
  14. kousu If slikxmpp is python3.5 does it use the new async stuff? That would be ideal.
  15. kalkin kousu: AFAIK that was the point
  16. kousu nbxmpp is in last decades async style
  17. kalkin kousu: slixmpp not slikxmpp, sorry
  18. kalkin
  19. kousu kalkin: win!
  20. kousu thank you
  21. kalkin np
  22. kousu ah, of course louiz’ is hosting slix
  23. kousu that..makes a lot of sense
  24. kousu I fiddled with his IRC gateway last week and he was very responsive to problems I found
  25. kousu oh gosh, and it comes with an external component wrapper. Awesome! Thannnk you for the tip.
  26. mathieui kalkin, for the record, sleekxmpp also works with python 3.4/5
  27. kalkin mathieui: i know
  28. kalkin mathieui: i did not want to bash sleekxmpp :)
  29. mathieui ^^
  30. kousu I like asyncio, and I would have toughed it out with nbxmpp if I had to. it's just that doing it nicely really needs 'yield' to be in the language.
  31. kousu 3.4+ only is a feature to me
  32. mathieui yield from*
  33. kousu ah, yep
  34. itsjustme hello there, guys
  35. itsjustme there is a usefull option in Gajim: notify_on_all_muc_messages which makes Gajim's icon blink on all messages arriving to important conference
  36. itsjustme however, if new messages arrived to the conference, while you've been offline, there is no any blink or notification about it
  37. itsjustme maybe there is some hidden option to enable that?
  38. sol Wait, mathieui , you're a dev of both poezio and gajim?
  39. mathieui I’m not a gajim dev
  40. mathieui I just happen to be a moderator here
  41. sol Ah. I was almost bemoaning what's happened to loyalty ;)
  42. sol How do I change the comma after a tab-completion into a colon?
  43. Asterix sol: after_nickname in ACE
  44. sol Asterix, The value of after_nickname currently is ":", but when I tab after your nick, I still get ",".
  45. sol Asterix: Okay, it's gc_refer_to_nick_char
  46. sol Changed that, and it works now.
  47. Asterix yes, after_nick is what is written after nick when printing a line
  48. sol Asterix: 2 more questions: Is there any way I can autocorrect "i " into "I "? There's a brilliant plugin for Pidgin that has a long list of common errors and regex fixes for that.
  49. Asterix acronyms_expander plugin?
  50. Asterix it's in gajim sources, not in gajim-plugins repos
  51. sol Asterix: So I should download it from here and then install it?
  52. Asterix the while folder, yes
  53. Asterix the whole folder, yes
  54. Asterix install means copy it to ~/.locale/share/gajim/plugins/
  55. Asterix and this version if for default branch
  56. Asterix I don't knoe which version of Gajim you use
  57. Asterix but if it's a 0.16.X or nightly, take it here:
  58. sol Facing a slight problem.... I seemed to have closed the roster window of gajim, and I don't know how to get it back. Is there a keyboard shortcut?
  59. Asterix click on systary icon?
  60. Asterix or gajim-remote toggle_roster_appearance
  61. sol On Ubuntu, so systray icon. And gajim-remote says Gajim isn't running :-/
  62. Asterix then Gajim is not supposed to hide itself ...
  63. Asterix it does only if there is a systray
  64. Asterix is it really running?
  65. sol Well, I'm chatting using Gajim right now...
  66. sol I think I'll return to using Gajim once I upgrade to Ubuntu Gnome 16.04.
  67. Asterix then you're connected twice here? your info tells me you're in with poezio
  68. sol Yes, I'm connected using poezio too...