Gajim - 2016-01-30

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Ticket #120 (Uploading Jpeg File UTF8 Encoding Error) updated Priority, Keywords, Status, Owner changed Works for me. Is it the same with all images? If not, can you attach the faulty image?
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  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8254 ("Room logging is enabled" notification in multi-user conferences when …) closed invalid: I saw the logs you posted on pastebin. All the presence you receive contain a status code of 170. This status code should be only in the initial presence when you enter the room. So the MUC component you use (the one from ejabberd probably) has a bug and adds this status cide everywhere. Report that to ejabberd instead.
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8249 (Gajim throws up on updating (downloading?) a plugin) updated it seems to be a problem in the plugin you just updated (OMEMO) I mailed the plugin developper to find a solution. That doesn't prevent updating the plugin, but a restart seems to be needed, which is not fine.
  5. kalkin This is a known issue.
  6. kalkin I'm currently at the Fosdem. This is the next thing I plan to fix it.
  7. Bretos hello guys!
  8. Bretos It really sucks that geolinks (geo:XX.XXXX;YYY.YYYYY) are not handled properly in gajim (that is; not being opened in browser using a map provider). To make it so, would it be neccessary to write a plugin, or is there another way?
  9. Link Mauve Bretos, I think it would have to be handled at the OS level.
  10. Link Mauve On Linux, create a .desktop file to open it with any program you want, which could be a browser if you want.
  11. Link Mauve You can look at how Gajim does that in /usr/share/applications/gajim-remote.desktop
  12. Link Mauve With xmpp: URIs.
  13. Bretos Link Mauve, In my solution gajim would recognize that a certain string is a geolink, and it would make it a link to eg. google maps, which after clicking would open like a standard http link
  14. Bretos and that way the plugin could be distributed as normal plugin
  15. Manola Hello friends, I need help :(
  16. Manola I don't see the httpupload plugin in the plugin's window
  17. Manola Please take a look my friends
  18. Link Mauve Bretos, when you do that in the OS, which is what your favourite maps viewing webapp should do anyway, you can have that in any client ever.
  19. Link Mauve Not only Gajim, but also any other XMPP client, any other non-XMPP client (like email), on any website, etc.
  20. Link Mauve Manola, are you using Gajim’s latest version?
  21. Link Mauve It requires 0.16.4 or 0.16.5 IIRC.
  22. Manola I have Gajim 0.15.4
  23. Manola But in the plugin page it says I have to download the plugin using the plugin downloader plugin
  24. Link Mauve Way too old, you’ll have to update to 0.16.5.
  25. Manola @_@
  26. Link Mauve I think.
  27. Manola Ubuntu repositories is old then
  28. Link Mauve Yes, very, and all the time.
  29. Link Mauve That’s kind of their selling point I guess.
  30. Link Mauve Which I find stupid but that’s just my opinion.
  31. Manola Is this installation method correct?
  32. Link Mauve Seems so yeah.
  33. Manola ok thank you
  34. Link Mauve You can also add the repository and install gajim instead of gajim-nightly, it will use the current stable instead of the nightly.
  35. Link Mauve Yep, I can confirm.
  36. Link Mauve So add the repository, update, upgrade, and that should be all.
  37. Manola ok
  38. Manola in the source list file right?
  39. Manola because this is broken for me :(
  40. Manola
  41. Link Mauve I don’t know much about APT, but you seem to have created a file with a missing extension.
  42. Link Mauve Maybe try .list or something?
  43. Link Mauve Also, I told you it’s gajim, not gajim-nightly.
  44. Manola I followed the website sorry :'(
  45. Link Mauve Oh, it’s wrong then, does it work with a .list extension?
  46. Manola Sorry, I added the repository in the sources.list file directly and istalling gajim worked
  47. Manola Thank you Link Mauve :)
  48. Link Mauve Ok, great. :)
  49. Manola now I can share images with friends
  50. Manola good bye!!