Gajim - 2016-01-29

  1. itsjustme hello there
  2. itsjustme any chance to disable "Room logging is enabled" in the multi-user conferences? this feature (introduced in 0.16.5 I believe) is really bugs me out
  3. itsjustme I see a ton of this notifications in the mucs I am in
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  5. itsjustme here is a screenshot of these notifications flood:
  6. Link Mauve itsjustme, so huh, you don’t want to remove that notification because it’s useful, you want to fix the underlying bug.
  7. Link Mauve I doubt the server would send you that, which would point to the client.
  8. itsjustme Link Mauve, well, you think this is a ejabberd 16.01 issue?
  9. Link Mauve May be, give an (anonymized if you want) log of such a flood from Actions > Advanced > XML Console.
  10. Link Mauve If it does flood the same message a lot it’s a server issue, if not it’s a client issue.
  11. itsjustme okay, I'll grab some logs
  12. itsjustme Link Mauve, here is some logs:
  13. Link Mauve itsjustme, there are only three statuses 170 in your log, each coming from user2’s presence, so this would indicate a Gajim bug.
  14. itsjustme Link Mauve: may this be bexause of user2 is using older Gajim?
  15. Link Mauve Oh, weird, status 170 shouldn’t be used in presence, that might be why.
  16. itsjustme Link Mauve: well, I'll tell user2 to update and see if that will change things
  17. Link Mauve Ok.
  18. Link Mauve Which version is that?
  19. Link Mauve Also, which version of Ejabberd?
  20. itsjustme Gajim 0.16.1 on Windows 7
  21. itsjustme ejabberd 16.01
  22. itsjustme on Debian
  23. Link Mauve Ah, definitely upgrade the Gajim, but I don’t know about those recent Ejabberd.
  24. itsjustme Link Mauve: okay, thanks for help, I'll try to figure it out
  25. itsjustme Link Mauve: well, no, Gajim upgrade didn't resolved the issue. I noticed the user2 has just went "Away" and the ‎"Room logging is enabled" is instantly showed up
  26. itsjustme just tried recent Pidgin, result is the same: when user changes the status, the "Room logging is enabled" message appears. so, this is not relevant to Gajim (only)
  27. itsjustme however, this is Gajim specific issue, since the notification is not showing in other clients, i.e. Pidgin. I will file a bug now
  28. Link Mauve itsjustme, thanks. :)
  29. itsjustme done,
  30. Link Mauve :)
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  32. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8254 ("Room logging is enabled" notification in multi-user conferences when …) updated Status changed Could you open XML console and tell me what is printed when a participant changes its status?