Gajim - 2016-01-25

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  2. mive Hi
  3. mive i tried to change the prio of Gajim and restarted but still have prio 50 :(
  4. vorner mive: Do you have „adjust to status“ checked?
  5. mive 'adjust_priority_with_status' is activated, yes vorner
  6. mive my server uses MAM and carbons so i dont need prios at all, if i understood correctly
  7. Link Mauve mive, pretty much, yes.
  8. Link Mauve Except if your other clients don’t support Carbons.
  9. mive Luckily they do
  10. vorner mive: That one overrides it. It says online → 50, away → 20, dnd → 10 (for some value of that numbers)
  11. vorner mive: Also, the remote end's client usually shows status according to the highest priority
  12. vorner so you might want the priorities just for that
  13. mive sorry i dont got that. it does what?
  14. vorner mive: If you have two resources connected, one online with 50, other with away 20, the other side's will show green icon with your contact as online. If you have online/20, away/50, the other side will show orange as you being away.
  15. mive ah okay
  16. mive I will set all prios to 0 on all clients I guess.
  17. vorner mive: Then deactivate that adjust_priority… thing and you should be done.
  18. mive alright
  19. schoppenhauer hi. I installed MAM-MUC on my prosody server. I was trying to use it with gajim, but I somehow cannot find out how this can be done.
  20. mive Interesting: for the prio to take effect i had to sign out with both clients and only then it showed to my friend that gajim has prio 0 now
  21. Link Mauve schoppenhauer, I don’t think Gajim supports MAM-MUC, only MAM-on-your-own-server.
  22. schoppenhauer Link Mauve: omg.
  23. schoppenhauer so it doesn't really support XEP-0313.
  24. schoppenhauer hm. is there *any* client that supports MAM-MUC?
  25. vorner AFAIK Conversations might.
  26. ari hi. trying to file an enhancement in trac, but it gets rejected as spam. the first time I tried to post, a captcha was shown, but solving it just made the captcha disappear. Follow-up post attempts did not show a captcha. On first attempt, umatrix blocking might have stopped trac from doing it's thing, but now, no rejects show up in the log
  27. ari also, it lists my IP as blacklisted on but it's reported as "not listed" on
  28. schoppenhauer thx.
  29. arune Conversations does indeed, but itd be nice with one more to test if mam muc doesn't work in Conversations (to see if it's a problem with client or server)
  30. arune But gajim loads all mam messages only in the history so I don't really see it as any good anyway
  31. Holger Some web clients might also support MUC MAM, e.g. Converse.js.
  32. henk hi
  33. Asterix ari: Yes ... Bayes needs more training, sorry ... I saw your mail in ML, I indeed plan to look at that, when I'll have a bit of time
  34. ari Asterix: great to hear, thanks
  35. Asterix ari: all is done
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