Gajim - 2016-01-22

  1. Flow kalkin: a collegue and me created ebuilds for gajim's OMEMO infra and put them into our overlay
  2. kalkin Flow: awesome!
  3. kalkin Flow: Please do an PR, i will add them to the repo. We already have an Archlinux pkg file
  4. kalkin Flow: If you give me a link i will mention the overlay name in the README
  5. kalkin Flow: btw Thank you very much! :)
  6. Flow kalkin: gentoo ebuilds are typically not maintained in the repo of the software they package
  7. kalkin Flow: AFAIK there should not be any issues, but as you think is apropriate :). Just give me the overlay name, if it's publicly available so i can steer other Gentoo users there.
  8. kalkin do as you think...
  9. Flow kalkin: "layman -a flow && emerge gajim-omemo"
  10. Daniel-San I wish Gajim could be used in Tails
  11. kalkin Daniel-San: no you don't :). Seriosly i would not use gajim or the gajim-omemo plugin in any serious situation.
  12. kalkin both are not audited
  13. Daniel-San kalkin: I think Pidgin doesn't help much atm
  14. kalkin Daniel-San: ohh ic
  15. Daniel-San Tails uses Pidgin v2.10.10
  16. Daniel-San that was from Oct 2k14
  17. Daniel-San Hopefully Tails v2 will have the latest release
  18. kalkin Qubes/Whonix also uses v2.10
  19. kalkin May be it's some audited LTS version?
  20. Daniel-San possible. Latest is 2.10.12. A trivial update at best