Gajim - 2016-01-19

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  2. tristank So I followed instructions to build gajim on mac os x, but apparently there is no "" inside the repo. Any suggestions? Is the wiki outdated? Is there another way ...
  3. tristank
  4. Asterix tristank: hmmm This is very old and I'm not sure it will work. Someone in the room was builing Gajim under OSX, but I haven't heard about him for some times now.
  5. Asterix but generally, to get the, you have 2 options:
  6. Asterix from repository, you have to run autogen from a release or a daily tarball, it's already there
  7. tristank thanks will try that and report back
  8. Asterix tristank: the macport way has not been updated for 6 years, the Brew way, 3 years
  9. tristank oh boy
  10. Johannes tristank: Asterix: Gajim runs more or less acceptable with a few patches on OSX using the Gtk2 version
  11. Johannes from trunk
  12. tristank which patches?
  13. Johannes I run it from a cloned repo with a few dirty patches and then just run ./
  14. Johannes the Gtk3 version crashes due to issues with Gtk3
  15. Johannes however I had to massivly brew install packages to make it work
  16. Johannes it is far from a native and still looks like a Gtk App
  17. Johannes alas, it does work.
  18. Johannes The patches I have are in a lousy state. Also I do not have real dependency control.
  19. Johannes If I have more time in the future I might clean the entire thing up and push the patches to a development branch here
  20. Johannes I would wish to have a proper with the required dependencies inside the bundle
  21. Asterix That would be nice. As I do for win
  22. Johannes also proper CI would be nice
  23. Johannes Asterix You been sent an invitation to the Github Gajim org
  24. Asterix hmm I didn't get anything (at least by Mail) But I'm not interested in maitaining 2 things, 2 bug lists, 2 (3 with ML) way to receive patches, etc...
  25. Johannes GitHub is currently just a mirror. And you could just hg-git pull patches that are of interest to you into your repo.
  26. Asterix yes, but the fact that I have to use a non-free tool annoys me :/
  27. Johannes see it as just a git-repo. while it may not be the bees knees from a free software perspective it may be a way to gain popularity and attract contributions
  28. kalkin Asterix: The fact that you have to use trac annoys other people. Just think about what a pain it was to created a trac account for me
  29. kalkin And i was really committed to create one
  30. kalkin Some people are telling good things about Gitlab, perhaps some day a migration to Gitlab (you can run it on own server) would be a preferable alternative
  31. arune But now people are complaining on the features missing in github...
  32. Johannes one may even consider syncing github and something you own
  33. kalkin arune: the gitlab marketing department told us today, the grass is greener in GitLab world
  34. arune It shouldn't be impossible to create a trac account, but still don't buy that the bug reporter is not interested enough to create an account
  35. kalkin arune: ever tried to search for something in trac?
  36. kalkin You go to View Tickets, wonder where do you start searching for a ticket, pick a category, wonder where is the search, click on custom query, wonder where is the free text search?
  37. arune I'm not debating whether trac is good or not, I'm just not buying that proprietary services are good
  38. arune Use Phabricator, use gitlab, use something you can see the source, patch and send upstream if needed
  39. kalkin arune: yes!
  40. arune We use mantis bt at work for issues, we're looking at alternatives
  41. arune But I don't want jira
  42. Johannes I don't what people have against Jira as long as you do not have to pay for it...
  43. Johannes But I might not be representative...
  44. Johannes And Jira is available for free to open source projects
  45. arune Don't get me started, and that's really OT
  46. kalkin Johannes: this is how M$ distributes its OS to students
  47. arune Still proprietary
  48. Johannes There's nothing wrong with it...
  49. Johannes I can still decide if I want to buy it later.
  50. kalkin Johannes: Well you want software which respects Users Freedoms
  51. arune From a sysadmins perspective there is, but let's not go in to that
  52. Johannes And I wont.
  53. kalkin arune: I'm running Gogs here it's okayish, for my personal needs
  54. kalkin arune: best thing is deployment it's just one binary and two directories, one for git and own for config
  55. Johannes kalkin yes, I like that as well. Its open source, works reasonably well, has a steady influx of new features and a really small profile
  56. kalkin arune: I also used redmine for some time, it was fine, as long as you invest time to setup it with all the plugins your workflow needs
  57. arune kalkin: I'll have a look at gogs, we normally don't work with git though
  58. kalkin arune: gogs works only with git :(
  59. Johannes then there's kalithea
  60. Johannes that rhodecode fork
  61. arune Yeah, we have a project now where we probably will use git
  62. Johannes does hg as well
  63. arune I was impressed by Phabricator, from a sysadmin perspective
  64. kalkin arune: how so from sysadmin perspective?
  65. kalkin Or is this one of this PHP apps where you just install nginx+php-fpm and drop the source code in the right dir?
  66. Johannes he said the P-word ;)
  67. arune kalkin: easy to install, great help from within the system
  68. arune We use LDAP/ad for authentication and getting that working can sometimes be tricky, but Phabricator did that great aswell
  69. Johannes gogs is supposed to have support for ad
  70. moparisthebest arune, both git and hg can work with each other's repos easily with a plugin, it actually works well
  71. moparisthebest if you were talking about using hg with gogs or something, if not ignore me :)
  72. Johannes I've heard similar things...
  73. comradekingu