Gajim - 2016-01-18

  1. kalkin Remember my discussion a few weeks ago, about not posting my ssh key in to MUC because of Identification issues? Well done Github
  2. kalkin Remember my discussion a few weeks ago, about not posting my ssh key in to MUC because of identification issues? Well done Github
  3. arune 👌
  4. Link Mauve kalkin, ^^'
  5. andy kalkin, this isn't new though, is it?
  6. kalkin andy: It's new for me, but afaik it's known since 2013
  7. andy kalkin, yeah databases with public keys harvested from github (and other sources) have existed for a while. i agree it's kinda lame though
  8. andy of course you *could* use a separate key just for github. but who does that
  9. kalkin andy: I do, but only because I have different QubesOS Domains for different stuff.
  10. kalkin andy: still so it's pretty lame. Do you know why they do that?
  11. moparisthebest what do I need to do to get 0.16.5 from source? running from the hg gajim_0.16 branch says 'Gajim 0.16.1-c87b83e2ed1f' in help -> about, is that right?
  12. Link Mauve moparisthebest, did you `hg pull -u` before?
  13. moparisthebest yes, hg pull --update, and hg log shows the latest commit as the same from tip of gajim_0.16 here:
  14. moparisthebest so I'm pretty sure I have the latest code from the 'gajim_0.16' branch, is that where 0.16.5 lives? and why doesn't help -> about show the right stuff?
  15. Link Mauve Your version appears to be this one:
  16. Link Mauve Maybe you did a make install and forgot about it, but are still running it?
  17. moparisthebest yea it's something like that, if I run it with I get the latest commit, if I run it with the newly install gajim binary I get the old 0.16.1, now just to track down what prefix I installed it in before.... :(
  18. Link Mauve echo $PATH
  19. Link Mauve Most likely something like /usr/local or $HOME/.local/
  20. moparisthebest I checked /usr/local first and it's not there, also not under /usr
  21. moparisthebest the right gajim binary is being ran because I checked it with which
  22. moparisthebest so after all that it appears I am running the latest version, just 0.16.1-c87b83e2ed1f is hard-coded in the Makefile, and that somehow copies it into share/gajim/src/common/ on make install
  23. moparisthebest does that sound right?
  24. Link Mauve That sounds quite weird.
  25. Natureshadow Deoun¡X: Stop sending spam in private chat, thanks
  26. Maeda +1
  27. Deoun¡X Natureshadow: i dont spaming ,, sorry
  28. kalkin Deoun¡X: if you are not spamming, than explain why would you call me a friend and invite in to some channel i never heard of
  29. Deoun¡X kalkin: who u and why u talk with my
  30. Deoun¡X kalkin: i dont know u
  31. kalkin Deoun¡X: Ok so why are you spamming me?
  32. tmolitor Kalkin: I Got the Same private message too...
  33. moparisthebest that was my first xmpp spam, I feel like I joined a new club :)
  34. kalkin best example for xmpp being popular
  35. tmolitor kalkin, moparisthebest : yes...kind of strange feeling :D
  36. moparisthebest yea I don't know whether to be happy about it or not
  37. Link Mauve I got Russian spam before. ^^
  38. Link Mauve They sent it as both normal (or chat?) and headline.
  39. Link Mauve Maybe due to some clients filtering normal/chat but not headline.
  40. SouL join us! chat conference!
  41. SouL xD
  42. moparisthebest did anyone join the conference? :P
  43. Link Mauve I did a few days ago, it was a wonderful exhibition of a real-life turing test.
  44. Link Mauve It was hard for me to determine whether a given person was Russian, Syrian or a bot.
  45. moparisthebest sounds like a good game show
  46. narcode I'm louis remember
  47. narcode the drugs dealer use the same tactic ;_; they are sooo loud
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  49. мέнđì *HI*