Gajim - 2016-01-17

  1. zecktekk hallo !!
  2. zecktekk liebe gajim gemeinde ! ^^
  3. zecktekk ich hab da ein kleines problem !! ich will auf nen server connekten gajim haut mir aber immer nen fehler raus kann mir da wer helfen ?
  4. zecktekk weiters würde ich gern 2 "acc" gleichzeitig betreiben also ich will ein chatfenster für den einen server und mit anderem namen ein 2tes chat fenster für den anderen
  5. zecktekk geht das überhaupt ??
  6. zecktekk oder kann mann sich nur als eine person anmelden und dann auf verschiedene serverconnecten aber immer unter gleichem namen .. ?!?!
  7. zecktekk und gajim wiki hat mir auch ned weiter geholfen ..
  8. kalkin zechteckk: Post your Error Message.
  9. kalkin hmm he is gone
  10. bb-42 I found a bug with which one can harass people with errors popups :x
  11. bb-42 Where do I report that ?
  12. kalkin
  13. bb-42 I found a ticket:
  14. bb-42 I know exactly why this is happening
  15. bb-42 Do I create a new ticket or just reply with a comment ?
  16. bb-42 It is not a random bug that happen sometimes, everybody could use that bug to send errors to someone if he is in the same chatroom.
  17. arune bb-42: if it's the same bug use comments in that bug
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • attached to Ticket #8221
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8221 (Gajim freezes on private chat from MUC) updated I found what triggers the error. It can be used to pop errors windows to someone in a chatroom. To trigger the error you need first to send an xml chat message with a thread tag to someone in a chatroom, then send a second one without the thread tag. Like this: A message with thread.random-thread-id A message without thread which fire the[…]
  20. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8242 (Gajim Remote show[…] • Ticket #8243 (gajim-remote won't start gajim for me) closed wontfix: Indeed gajim-remote just connect to Gajim to send it the URI. I don't think I'll change this behaviour because that would mean: Launch Gajim, then once it's done (5 seconds later that Ga[…]
  21. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8244 (Gajim ased me to report a bug) closed duplicate: dup of #7956, #7917 #7911, #7874, #7848, #7866 and #8038 Upgrade to a newer Gajim version.
  22. comradekingu Here is the Norwegian Bokmål translation with correct locale
  23. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • nb_NO.po attached to TranslatedOnSVN Norwegian Bokmål translation with correct locale
  24. Asterix Thanks bb-42, I fixed it. tmolitor: that should replace the fix you had with contact. See;node=a43f0fa77a26
  25. bb-42 Awesome :)
  26. Asterix That helped me a lot that you found a way to repoduce it! I don't know how you guessed that it was a thread problem!
  27. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Tickets #7723,​8221 batch updated fixed: In 15925:a43f0fa77a26: fix some sessions errors. Fixes #8221, #7772, #7723,8221 • Changeset [15925:a43f0fa77a26]: fix some sessions errors. Fixes #8221, #7772, #7723 fix some sessions errors. Fixes #8221, #7772, #7723
  28. tmolitor Asterix: that is *very* good :) when I read bb-42's Bug Report I immediately thought this could bei related to "our" Bug...
  29. Asterix in fact I'm quite sure that nobody thought there could be <thread> in PM
  30. tmolitor I'm glad this is fixed entirely now :)
  31. Asterix I REally hope so!
  32. Asterix Darlan will have some work to test that deeply
  33. tmolitor asterix: but it sounds very promising :)
  34. Asterix yep
  35. tmolitor the other fixed where merely workarounds...
  36. bb-42 \o/
  37. tmolitor bb-42: we didn't know what was the root cause for the problem but tried to fix the various symptoms it was causing ;)
  38. tmolitor asterix: see my comment for this bug:
  39. tmolitor do you know where this message is generated?
  40. bb-42 I found it while playing with slixmpp. I was using two different ways to send messages, and the error popped up. I compared the messages in the log, the thread tag was the difference.
  41. tmolitor bb-42: ah...that's interesting :) we only used gajim to reproduce this and it happened more or less randomly...
  42. Asterix tmolitor: grep -R "while sending" *
  43. Asterix common/
  44. Asterix
  45. Asterix it's in those 2 files
  46. tmolitor asterix: okay...I'll add a better debug output then :)
  47. Asterix thanks
  48. Asterix GN
  49. tmolitor asterix: my mother is constantly complaining about this message :D
  50. tmolitor asterix: gn8
  51. Asterix lol