Gajim - 2016-01-16

  1. Darlan daniel, do you have a username on Gajim trac?
  2. daniel Darlan: I do not
  3. Darlan ok
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  5. daniel Darlan:???
  6. Darlan Yes?
  7. Darlan Is it an email for ticket #7723 of your concern?
  8. daniel Darlan: what ever you are quoting me on in that ticket was resolved a long time ago an has nothing to do with the ticket
  9. Darlan Yes, I remember that. I forgot to point it out. Do you want me to change some comments in that ticket?
  10. Darlan Do you want me to remove you from CC?
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  16. Darlan Asterix, I suggest to add comment moderation for submissions to Gajim trac, too. Also, if possible and acceptable, change the CAPTCHA provider to something easier.
  17. Asterix I am traiging a new Bayes filter. Will be activated when enough training will be here. And normally captcha will be unnecessary.
  18. Darlan Great!
  19. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8217 (Use zx2c4's password store (pass(1))) updated Replying to shtrom: what about using gajim/AccountJID instead of account name? I could call my account the way I want while it's the same JID. Good idea. Though, would it make any sense for a user to have multiple accounts for the same JID? That said, the password would probably still be the same… That can make sens if you for example remove Gajim config file and re-add an account, or[…][…]
  20. arune Darlan, Asterix: those spam, are they comming from registered accounts?
  21. Asterix yes, they register accounts
  22. arune Why don't you moderate account creation instead?
  23. Asterix not sure it's possible. And how to know an account is spam or not?
  24. Darlan You start to correspond with them by email; some mailing-list moderators do that.
  25. Asterix user already complain they have to register an account, fill a captch to fill a bugreport. If they have to wait, write mails, ... that's a good idea to not have any bugreport anymore.
  26. Asterix but given the number of tickets you open, that's maybe a good idea :)
  27. Darlan It is not easy, to be a full-time QA officer for Gajim.
  28. Darlan Once tmolitor or anybody fix bug #7723, I would allow myself to use mcabber frequently.
  29. Asterix Darlan: about that. Could you apply this patch, remove patches you already applied, and test if you can repro?
  30. Darlan I did not yet test the patch of tmolitor as I wanted, to keep a Gajim instance running for over 12 hours. I will test your patch.
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  32. Asterix Darlan: maybe both are needed, but if you could test them one after the other that would be nice
  33. arune Asterix: well captcha would only be necessary on account creation, it will make it easier to report bugs once you have an account
  34. arune Some sites need you to confirm account on email, not sure many spammers pass that?
  35. Asterix arune: I already tried that, but that doesn't work. I use several plugins, and maybe there is conflict between them for account creation
  36. daniel Why not use hipchat or some other hosted service? I mean I fully understand the wish to host stuff yourself but if you can't keep up with the work that comes along with this?
  37. arune daniel: hipchat for issues?
  38. daniel arune: bitbucket+jira I mean
  39. Link Mauve Asterix, how hard is it to setup a development trac? I want to write an XEP-0070 auth plugin.
  40. Asterix Link Mauve: on my server?
  41. mathieui on his laptop
  42. Link Mauve I’d prefer on my laptop, but that would be ok too I guess.
  43. kalkin daniel: Why not github? Everyone is on github
  44. mathieui kalkin, s/github/facebook/
  45. Link Mauve kalkin, github is absolutely terrible for bug reports.
  46. mathieui oh wait
  47. Link Mauve And for code review as well.
  48. kalkin Link Mauve: It better as Trac
  49. Link Mauve I prefer Trac.
  50. Asterix easy_install Trac==dev should do it
  51. kalkin It's not like Gajim receives that many tickets
  52. Asterix Link Mauve: or from source: python ./ install
  53. Asterix Link Mauve:
  54. kalkin Link Mauve: I used both and honestly no. Trac is only good if you have some one working on it and making it perfectly fit your workflow. Also afaik you can not review anything on Gajim Track without uploading your code by hand
  55. Link Mauve kalkin, yeah, Gajim doesn’t do code review usually, or just after-the-fact.
  56. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15924:4bf87c76deac]: [Allan Nordhøy] improve some strings [Allan Nordhøy] improve some strings
  57. kalkin I always a dream about a edonkey/torrentclient style programm which allows you to share your code P2P, allows you to explore other forks and does not enforce a dependency on running a central server for sharing code
  58. Darlan Is Allan Nordhøy present in this chat room? I would like him to rename other strings, if he may.
  59. Asterix he renamed nothing. He listed some to be renamed and I started doing it. I haven't finished
  60. arune Darlan: i think its comradekingu
  61. comradekingu Darlan, yes, what would you like me to rename?
  62. comradekingu ill register an account on the trac
  63. comradekingu eating first
  64. Link Mauve kalkin, like XEP-0284?
  65. kalkin bot: xep 0284
  66. bot kalkin: Shared XML Editing Jul 2, 2010 … XEP-0284: Shared XML Editing … When used in the context of XMPP, Shared XML Editing relies on Jingle (XEP-0166) [3] for overall session …
  67. kalkin Link Mauve: nop more lime torrent. There is Ewen a torrent lime git remote implementation
  68. kalkin Like torrent. I hate mobile phones
  69. Link Mauve Ah huh, you mean something like `hg serve` then giving your IP to the other people?
  70. Link Mauve That’s as p2p as you can get.
  71. kalkin
  72. kalkin Link Mauve: yes
  73. kalkin Only in your example if the central server is gone you are screwed.
  74. kalkin If you use torrent you just add another tracker and you are done
  75. Link Mauve That’s interesting.
  76. kalkin Link Mauve: but the link I provided solves it different.
  77. Link Mauve Yes, just skimmed over it.
  78. Link Mauve I was replying to the link, if it wasn’t clear. :)
  79. kalkin Link Mauve: there is also git approval a Google tool to store review comments and pull requests as git notes in repo
  80. kalkin There is some interesting development going on in the direction of having a more distributed development model.
  81. Link Mauve I still don’t know much about git, despite using it everyday at work its UI still irks me.
  82. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8241 (Can't send message when hard drive is full) created I noticed that when the disk is full, I can write a message into the line but can't press Enter to send. This is probably because I have logs enabled and Gajim can't write the log. It would be nice to have an appropriate notification instead just not being able to send.
  83. Darlan comradekingu,
  84. Darlan and and
  85. Link Mauve Darlan, about 7470, I’m sure you could make a patch by yourself.
  86. Link Mauve You know your way enough to read the code to find where each message comes from, it’s really not harder to mark those strings as translatable.
  87. Darlan Yes, but I am lazy.
  88. Link Mauve And nobody else is interested in that.
  89. kalkin Darlan: It's free software, part of it is: That no one feels responsible to do things they don't want to do or are too lazy to do ;)
  90. Darlan Nice one!
  91. Darlan > Clicking on Download Paste or View Raw gives a snippet with HTML tags.
  92. Asterix yes .. there is a PHP error that I'm lazy to fix :)
  93. Darlan Why do you :), then?
  94. Link Mauve Asterix, it’s probably something very stupid, but when I add “tracext.xep0070auth.XEP0070LoginModule = enabled” in [components], trac never seems to even import the file.
  95. Link Mauve It’s an exact copy/paste of trac.web.auth currently.
  96. Asterix have you restarted apache .. just in case?
  97. Link Mauve I’m using tracd -r.
  98. Link Mauve And I indeed tried restarting it many times already.
  99. Asterix ha. And have you disabled the original one?
  100. Link Mauve Yes.
  101. Link Mauve “trac.web.auth.LoginModule = disabled”
  102. Link Mauve I correctly have a in tracext/xep0070auth, my XEP0070LoginModule is imported fine when I do it from python2.
  103. Link Mauve I just can’t get tracd to import it, it seems, and I have no idea what I should do to get a potential traceback.
  104. Asterix you can add that: [logging] log_file = trac.log log_level = DEBUG log_type = file
  105. Link Mauve Doesn’t print anything about even trying to import my module. :/
  106. Link Mauve I guess I’ll hack it in trac.web.auth instead, and let you find out how to install it properly~
  107. Asterix :)
  108. Asterix that's a good start
  109. Link Mauve Asterix, since I’m adding an XMPP connection to trac, it would be sensible to then replace the digest sent from the RSS feed with a proper PubSub.
  110. Link Mauve That’s gonna be fun. ^^
  111. Darlan Link Mauve, do you intend to attempt to connect Gajim trac with XMPP?
  112. Link Mauve Yes.
  113. Darlan Awesome!
  114. Link Mauve Currently just for authentication.
  115. Darlan #6776
  116. bot Darlan: (Register an account: JID address in addition to the curent Email address)
  117. Darlan 5 years ago...
  118. Darlan wonders when he would retire from Gajim.
  119. Link Mauve I’m not sure how this will integrate with accounts, tbh.
  120. Link Mauve A possible better way would be to just drop accounts altogether.
  121. Darlan Communicate to XMPP contacts in addition to Email contacts
  122. мέнđì *HI*
  123. Asterix Link Mauve: this mean I can't read tickets when I don't have access to a xmpp client? notthat good idea
  124. мέнđì Hi
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  126. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8244 (Gajim ased me to report a bug) created Bug description I have gajim installed on a Debian testing system, installed OTR and OMEMO plugins, set it up to connect to some XMPP accounts, opened a chat window, looked at tooltips for all the shiny buttons, initiated a OTR session, began to type and hit the enter key. Then gajim or something froze for some moments and maybe saturated on[…] • Ticket #8244 (Gajim ased me to report a[]