Gajim - 2016-01-11

  1. nt I am getting spammed with this message in all my MUCs:
  2. nt Any occupant is allowed to see your full JID
  3. nt Can that be disabled?
  4. Darlan Hello, mmlosh :-)
  5. comradekingu All the strings with "#~ msgid" are they used at all, im on line 11180
  6. comradekingu i shall do the unthinkable, i shall consult the documentation
  7. comradekingu →Those strings are no longer used. There are there to remind you how you translated no longer used strings. After a Gajim release you can remove them if you want
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8219 (Wrong nickname in MUC-PM) created Bug description Wrong nickname in chat view. Steps to reproduce Set auto-join + minimize chat for Gajim Chat Room; Start Gajim (do not open Gajim Chat Room, keep it in roster); Receive a PM from remote end; Open PM by clicking on the systray. Nickname would be Gajim, not the actual one. I have logged in from two resources and initiated a chat wit[…]
  9. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8214 (Endless error messages) upd[] • Ticket #8219 (Wrong nickname in MUC-PM) updated Once you close that MUC-PM with "Gajim" (wrong nickname) you can not open an MUC-PM with the remote end, and when you open Gajim Chat room, only the remote end would be on MUC roster. Here is an error that appeared after closing chat window. […] • Ticket #8219 (Wrong nickname in MUC-PM) u[]
  10. comradekingu "POT-Creation-Date: 2012-12-30 19:46+0100\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2009-11-18 15:50+0100\n"
  11. comradekingu "Project-Id-Version: Gajim 0.11\n"
  12. comradekingu Im thinking some of those should be updated before i send it in
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8220 (Last Message Correction does not apply to own contact) created Bug description Last Message Correction does not apply against own contact. User (partially applied), Remote-end (not applied). User (13 lines) [09:37:45] ‎Darlan‎: ping 12 (LMC_ICON) ‎[09:36:49] ‎Darlan‎: ping 1 [09:36:59] ‎Darlan‎: ping 2 [09:37:06] ‎Darlan‎: ping 3 [09:37:10] ‎Darlan‎: ping 4 [09:37:13] ‎D[…] • Ticket #8220 (Last Message Correcti[]
  14. arune Asterix, if there is registration on the trac with approval for registrations and no anonymous comments, then there should not be any need for captcha?
  15. Darlan Yes, I think so too. Also, since Asterix has installed the comment moderation feature, the main spammers have ceased to spam trac-plugins.
  16. Natureshadow Is something known about KDE Plasma 5 not showing the Gajim tray icon, and if so, how to fix it?
  17. Johannes Where would I find os-dependent code in Gajim? Things such as Tray integration or similar stuff?
  18. Johannes Is there any abstraction built in that allows for easy customization?
  19. Johannes It appears that pyobjc offers things here that would be worthwhile.
  20. kalkin Gajim breaks if some one in a private muc starts a private conversation with you
  21. kalkin if self.parent_win.get_active_jid() == AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'jid' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/user/gajim/src/", line 2044, in _on_window_motion_notify
  22. kalkin it's not possible to use the private window anymore or a any other gajim windows
  23. comradekingu mail sent to gajim translators
  24. comradekingu Also 46 things to look at for improving the source strings
  25. comradekingu (in the mail)
  26. comradekingu goodnight
  27. comradekingu thank you for making a fantastic program btw, love it
  28. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8221 (Gajim freezes on private chat from MUC) created Today some one started a conversation with me from an anonymous MUC. The messaging window opened and showed on history item. Gajim freezed printing endless errors on the console: if self.parent_win.get_active_jid() == AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'jid' Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/user/gajim/src/chat_control.[…]
  29. arune comradekingu: great work improving!
  30. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8222 ("error while sending message ( recipient-unavailable )" randomly shows …) created Bug description The message "error while sending message ( recipient-unavailable )" randomly shows up in chat windows sometimes. This also happened when I didn't send any message to that contact recently, so I have no idea what's actually causing the problem here. Even when starting gajim on the console, no error is logged there. The[…]
  31. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8005 (Do not announce when getting carbon messages) updated I'd argue that per default, Gajim should not show any notification when it receives a message sent by myself. If people want to have an extra option for this because they think it helps against others breaking into their account, fine - but for a default user experience, it is really weird to be notified "btw, you just sent a message" -[…]
  32. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8223 (OTR Plugin: Autostart session) created Bug description Autostarting a OTR doesn't work anymore. Steps to reproduce In the OTR preferences, enable "Advertise OTR messaging suppport" and "Automatically start private messaging". The settings of my friend are the same (he is using Gajim, t[…] • Ticket #8223 (OTR Plugi[…]
  33. Darlan comradekingu, send tickets and patches to Gajim trac.
  34. Darlan comradekingu, please, send tickets and patches to Gajim trac ;-)
  35. kalkin The Database file gets corrrupted a lot by gajim
  36. kalkin There is no issue with my harddrive or anything else
  37. kalkin It happens a few times a day. How can I debug it?
  38. kalkin I already tried making backup and restoring it
  39. Asterix it never hapened to me :/ And sqlite is supposed to be safer than that
  40. arcade +1, I got a few years of logs there and they are still intact.
  41. kalkin Is there a way for the database to become corrupt just because the data gets inconsitent? Like i.e. multiple writes are not guarded by a transaction and if one of them fails the datbase gets corrupted
  42. kalkin gets corrupted not bitwise, but datawise
  43. Link Mauve kalkin, python’s sqlite module doesn’t allow concurrent access from multiple threads.
  44. Link Mauve Not even in read-only. :/
  45. kalkin Link Mauve: no i do not mean multiple access, but like you wrote value in table a, but did not write a corresponding value in table c colmn x.
  46. Link Mauve Ah, I don’t know if it supports transactions properly.
  47. kalkin sqlite afaik does support them
  48. kalkin is reading src/common/
  49. kalkin There are a few cases where it does throw the DatbaseMalformed exception
  50. kalkin It must be the line 420 an sqlite.DatabaseError is caught and rethrown as a DatabaseMalformed exception
  51. kalkin Need to test something brbr
  52. tmolitor kalkin: if you want to know which xeps a server supports, you can do your own discovery in your plugin, as I do for the httpupload plugin...maybe this helps you somehow :)
  53. kalkin tmolitor: Thanks for the hint. I asked hoping there is some UI way of seeing it for a user for debuging purposes
  54. tmolitor kalkin: oh okay...then the xml console is the right way to go...
  55. kalkin Got it! You must not use 8-bit bytestrings unless you use a text_factory that can interpret 8-bit bytestrings (like text_factory = str). It is highly recommended that you instead just switch your application to Unicode strings.
  56. kalkin Probably gajim-omemo throws some where an 8-bit bytestring in instead of unicode
  57. kalkin classic python
  58. daniel Might this be the same bug that causes the messages not to show
  59. kalkin Asterix: Btw your hint with LOGDB changes kind of worked. I now see the corruption error
  60. kalkin But the problem was I did not get the real error message until i patched in logging
  61. kalkin daniel: Not sure, may be.
  62. Asterix kalkin: ok thanks for the info, I'll fix that. The problem is somewhere else too
  63. tmolitor asterix: did you have new insights to "our" pm bug? :)
  64. Asterix I'd like Darlan to test if it still happen with my patch
  65. tmolitor asterix: what patch? I'd like to have a look at it :)
  66. Asterix diff -r e2151334153b src/ --- a/src/ Mon Dec 28 14:21:41 2015 +0100 +++ b/src/ Mon Jan 11 21:50:48 2016 +0100 @@ -200,7 +200,7 @@ if session: session.control = self - if oldsession: + if session and oldsession: oldsession.control = None crypto_changed = bool(session and isinstance(session,
  67. tmolitor asterix; ah I see :) and what about the contact = [...]get_contact[...] assignment in does your patch prevent this get_contact() call to return None, too?
  68. comradekingu registering with the translator mailinglist (required) doesnt seem to work
  69. Asterix tmolitor: no it doesn't. At least I don't think so. But maybe having a session.control helps. But if that doesn't fix the problem, I don't understand the root of this bug. As it's not reproductible, it means it sometimes works ...
  70. Asterix comradekingu: ho really?
  71. comradekingu sent a mail, was told to register, did so, cant press the button to see whats on the mailinglist
  72. Asterix comradekingu: kalkin registered to 3 ML a few days ago
  73. Asterix comradekingu: you went there?
  74. comradekingu yes
  75. Asterix and you can't press the subscribe button?
  76. comradekingu yes, but when i try to press view, i get "Translators roster authentication failed."
  77. comradekingu no confirmation mail either
  78. Asterix indeed you haven't registeres to the ML, I did get the mail about that. You received a mail verification mail?
  79. tmolitor Asterix: yes, I also don't know what's the root cause of this Problem...but maybe having both Spots fixed is better than just having one fix in place...what do you think?
  80. comradekingu Asterix, no verification when i registered
  81. comradekingu the level of activity on the translations suggests it may have been broken for some time
  82. Asterix comradekingu: I don't think so. all other ML run fine. the translator ML is actve only when a new major release is released
  83. Asterix comradekingu: see my PM
  84. Asterix tmolitor: sure.I just hope that your solution doesn't cause other problems. But as you and Darlan applied it, it seems to be ok
  85. comradekingu encryption ate the pm
  86. comradekingu i turned off conversations on my phone, try again
  87. Asterix done
  88. tmolitor asterix: yes, I hope so, too :D
  89. tmolitor what do you think about my gajim todo list? ;)
  90. Asterix a lot of work in perspective! Some of the items will require some discussion on a good way to do it, some won't be easy to implement. In anycase, don't hesitate to ask me if you have questions
  91. tmolitor asterix: nice to hear :) any item you want to priorize?
  92. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8222 ("error while sending message ( recipient-unavailable )" randomly shows …) updated I also encountered this bug fro[…] • Ticket #8222 ("error while sending message ( recipient-unavailable )" randomly shows …) updated I also encountered this bug fro[…]
  93. Asterix tmolitor: the one that interests you most in forst, so you'll be more motivated ...
  94. Asterix the one that interests users (not me as I don't use that) is probably chat markers
  95. Asterix but it's not easy to implement I think
  96. tmolitor asterix: well, yes...that one is a hard one...and because of this probably not my starting point ;)
  97. Asterix 2) would be nice. I also have a lot of message duplication in MUC history (because of the history we receive on connection)
  98. tmolitor asterix: well...yes...I think I'll start with this one then :)
  99. arune tmolitor, is there a public list? :)
  100. tmolitor my chat history also has duplicates which were introduced by mam...
  101. tmolitor arune: no, but I can send it to you if you want :)
  102. arune yes please
  103. tmolitor arune: you should have a new message :)
  104. arune exciting!
  105. tmolitor arune: which point do you find most interesting/urgent?
  106. arune tmolitor, 12. MUC MAM ;)
  107. tmolitor arune: well, okay...that one isn't even on the list ;) but I'll add it :)
  108. arune but I like 5. for sure
  109. Link Mauve tmolitor, where is your TODO list available?
  110. tmolitor but it's a hard one, don't expect it to be done soon...
  111. Asterix lol you should past it in the wiki :)
  112. tmolitor Link Mauve, nowhere..I just sent it to asterix and now arune...
  113. Link Mauve Ok. ^^
  114. tmolitor asterix: seems so :D
  115. arune tmolitor, and 6.
  116. Link Mauve Mine would include making sure Jingle calls work on Wayland (a colleague showed me how to do it the best way today), and probably giving a new try at getting chatstates to work.
  117. tmolitor link mauve: by chatstates you mean xep 0333?
  118. tmolitor or what xep?
  119. Link Mauve tmolitor, 85.
  120. Asterix Link Mauve: so I wait for your patch for Jingle? :)
  121. Link Mauve Asterix, just for gst. o:)
  122. Link Mauve Oh, nothing works at all currently?
  123. Link Mauve is what he showed me.
  124. tmolitor Link Mauve, ah...and what doesn't work for you? It seems chat states are working for me...or am I missing something?
  125. Asterix Link Mauve: currently, I was able to have a video call with jitsi before I reinstall my debian with a jessi. Now I have a java crash ... no comment ...
  126. Asterix but not with Gajim. process stops before the end. Stream is not sent to other part
  127. Link Mauve :D
  128. Asterix and I think some stanza are missing
  129. Link Mauve Ok.
  130. Asterix tmolitor: not chatstates un MUC
  131. Link Mauve Yeah, MUC is the place where chatstates are the most useful, and Gajim only supports them in private.
  132. tmolitor Link Mauve, asterix: ah I see :)
  133. Asterix Link Mauve: is seems it's not genereic between X11 and Wayland. both have their own functions
  134. Link Mauve Yeah.
  135. tmolitor XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipt seem not to be processed for carbon copies...
  136. Asterix I don't think it's a good idea if all connected resources reply
  137. tmolitor asterix: no, the reply from the other end isn't processed when it is received as carbon copy...
  138. tmolitor not the other way round...
  139. tmolitor asterix: passively displaying the green check mark when we see an acknowledgement of a previous message...regardless of the sending ressource of the original message (currently this check mark is only displayed when a message is acknowledged that gajim itself did send out)...
  140. Asterix ha ok
  141. Asterix indeed when we send, we then queue the ID. So when onther of our resource send, that doesn't work
  142. tmolitor asterix:exactly...but we get the original message carbon we could extract the id from thismessage, too...
  143. tmolitor I'll put that on my todo list, too :)
  144. Asterix GN guys
  145. Link Mauve \o_
  146. tmolitor gn8