Gajim - 2016-01-10

  1. comradekingu Im 3643 lines in, out of 12364 (!)
  2. comradekingu What is xa and autoxa?
  3. comradekingu na is not available
  4. SouL comradekingu: "xa" means eXtended Away
  5. comradekingu SouL, why not just call that a hiatus or something?
  6. comradekingu xa extended away is like a rhyming slang, sans the slang
  7. comradekingu If ive registered my password with a transport, why can i still fill out the pw for the same nickname when i add a chatroom
  8. comradekingu It would be fancy if that was grayed out and autocompleted
  9. mmlosh If I get you right, comradekingu, why should the same nickname on a different service have the same password?
  10. mmlosh I also maybe registering a password in a transport will store that on the server, while for completing local forms that would require a local copy
  11. Link Mauve Hmm, it seems Gajim’s trunk imports GdkX11 manually, even though it is running on native Wayland: “sys:1: PyGIWarning: GdkX11 was imported without specifying a version first. Use gi.require_version('GdkX11', '3.0') before import to ensure that the right version gets loaded.”
  12. Asterix Link Mauve: indeed. It seems it's required for gstreamer. At least it's what I read.
  13. Asterix
  14. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8217 (Use zx2c4's password store (pass(1))) updated Thanks for the patch. A few questions: what about using gajim/AccountJID instead of account name? I could call my account the way I want while it's the same JID. for your point 1. If we don't do that this way, hard to know when user has finished typing his password. User don't need to press a valid button ta validate his password. Just type it and close account window. So I […][…]
  15. kalkin I have an issue with missing messages
  16. kalkin
  17. kalkin lol why was i kicked?
  18. kalkin So the issue is that I receive an encrypted OMEMO message. decrypt it, I even see the text in the notifcation, but the message itself can not be added to the log
  19. kalkin any hints on what i may be making wrong to trigger such an ERROR?
  20. kalkin I am reading the source code of The DecryptedMessageReceivedEvent does not have a show_in_roster variable set. Only a NotificationEvent has this var
  21. kalkin Lol wtf? I always get kicked by Isida. Am I doing something wrong? I have not misbehaved, have I?
  22. Asterix a too long word ... your too long JID and the name of the event in last message
  23. kalkin Asterix: my JID is to long? How so, it's just my nick + domain and a short Resource (not an uuid or smth)
  24. Asterix kalkin: show_in_roster is set in, in _nec_decrypted_message_received (which calls roster_message2)
  25. Asterix which is registered at ged.GUI1 level
  26. Asterix not your JID
  27. Asterix too long URL sorry
  28. kalkin Asterix: I can not follow you. (I have the _nec_decrypted_message... function open) What URL do you mean?
  29. Asterix the one you posted (containing the TB)
  30. kalkin Asterix: You mean i got kicked because of posting a to long URL? You do not mean the error I'm trying to debug?
  31. Asterix yes
  32. kalkin Asterix: ahh ic. thanks for the advice
  33. Asterix for your TB, it seems session._nec_decrypted_message_received isn't called. Or at least the event.session is not set?
  34. Asterix ho
  35. Asterix it fails because of the first TB I guess
  36. Link Mauve Asterix, but this example doesn’t even use GdkX11 after having imported it.
  37. kalkin But why should gajim.logger.LOG_DB_PATH be missing
  38. Link Mauve And surely on Wayland we have much better ways to display a webcam input. :)
  39. Link Mauve (I wrote one of such,
  40. kalkin And only for a few messages and after that the issue goes away
  41. Asterix kalkin: and this TB is here because your logging DB is malformed (but there is an error in Gajim's code to print the error)
  42. Asterix Link Mauve: I already experienced that I need to import that to get the xid of the window. without importing the xid is not available
  43. Asterix Link Mauve: it was with py2 though
  44. Link Mauve Ah, the xid…
  45. Link Mauve Another thing that doesn’t exist on Wayland.
  46. Asterix yes but that is needed by Gajim to show video in a GtkDrawingArea
  47. Asterix yes but that is needed by Gstreamer to show video in a GtkDrawingArea
  48. kalkin Asterix: Why should my database become corrupt? Also it's not only an issue I am experiencing, but also other people. So I can not blame my harddrive, cosmic ray or anything else, besides perhaps the OMEMO plugin
  49. kalkin But the OMEMO plugin does not have a direct access to the LOGDB
  50. Link Mauve Asterix, and you need such a GtkDrawingArea, you can’t use something else?
  51. Link Mauve I’ll ask the multimedia colleagues, surely they have fixed this issue already.
  52. Asterix Link Mauve: it's what we currently use. No idea what else we can use. I give the handle to gstreamer and he prints the video there.
  53. kalkin Asterix: I would really love to rewrite the whole encryption part in Gajim. It's a complete mess with some logic incorporated in Gajim and some in plugins. You have all over the place custom logic for E2E and PGP flying around
  54. Asterix kalkin: maybe just add from common.logger import LOG_DB_PATH at the begining of the file, and at line 106, remove "gajim.logger."
  55. Asterix kalkin: as I already told you, E2E and GPG were in Gajim before the plugin system ...
  56. kalkin Asterix: normally if this would be an Github repo I would just make PR and discuss in it with you whether this will work for Gajim or you think it should be solved the other way
  57. kalkin What is your process with track? I did not find any documentation in the IWantToStartHacking
  58. kalkin s//track/trac
  59. Asterix you can just attach patches in trac and we discuss there
  60. kalkin Asterix: By attach you mean make a diff and than click on the Upload button in the browser?
  61. Asterix yes
  62. kalkin Asterix: I do not get any verification email for the
  63. Asterix no you don't
  64. kalkin Asterix: I added your proposed change we will see how this will work out. Thank you
  65. kalkin Asterix: I can not create any tickets in
  66. Asterix are you logged in?
  67. kalkin Yes: TICKET_CREATE privileges are required to perform this operation on Ticket #None. You don't have the required permissions.
  68. kalkin BTW: I'm talking about the main Trac, not the plugin track
  69. Asterix then you're not connected in trac.
  70. Asterix else you'd have TICKET_CREATE right
  71. kalkin Asterix: what do you mean by not connected? I'am currently logged in as kalkin
  72. kalkin I also get the error on each page: Warning: Your permissions have been limited until you verify your email address.
  73. Asterix ha indeed I see verification is pending.
  74. Asterix I thought there was no verification :/
  75. Asterix and you didn't get the mail I guess?
  76. kalkin no
  77. Asterix should be ok now
  78. kalkin Asterix: I know you are busy man, but may be you should enable some third-party Authentication plugin for trac, so Github users can easily contribute to Gajim. Also I value own infrastructure a lot, but if there is no one who has the time to maintain it, perhaps a move to Github/Bitbucket or even Gnu Savannah, would be apropriate?
  79. kalkin does not want to step on any toes...
  80. kalkin Asterix: thanks
  81. Asterix and tomorow savanah will close and that will be a huge problem to move everything...
  82. kalkin Asterix: ok thank perhaps consider the move to Github. I have pretty good experience will migrating away from it and backing up all the things. Their API is just awesome. Also see it this way: It's much more easier to collaborate for people.
  83. kalkin s/ok thank/ok then/
  84. Asterix I don't think GitHub is an open service, so it's not the way I'll go
  85. kalkin Asterix: Fair enough. What do you think about allowing authentication with Github account through a trac plugin? (I'm pretty sure there is one)
  86. Link Mauve kalkin, I guess using XMPP as an auth method would be much more relevant.
  87. Asterix why not
  88. Asterix id the plugin exists ...
  89. kalkin Asterix: i will find it and provide you with a link
  90. Link Mauve Everyone using Gajim has an XMPP account, which is much better than the few who have a GitHub account.
  91. Asterix but then no mail. And that's problematic. It's nice for users to get mail on ticket update
  92. Link Mauve And IIRC Gajim supports XEP-0070.
  93. Asterix yes
  94. Asterix but no trac plugin for that unfortunatly
  95. Link Mauve Shouldn’t be very hard to do, tbh.
  96. Asterix kalkin:
  97. Asterix Link Mauve: never hacked trac
  98. kalkin Asterix: yeah I'm looking at it right now :)
  99. kalkin Asterix: it looks like you just have to enable it
  100. Link Mauve Asterix, according to you have to inherit from trac.web.auth.LoginModule and implement a few methods.
  101. kalkin ahh no it depends on git plugin which is provided
  102. Asterix I haven't read, but I'd like not to install git plugin
  103. kalkin Asterix: you do not need to install the git plugin. The git plugin is installed per default.
  104. Asterix active it either
  105. kalkin Well as far as I know the Github Api it should not need a git plugin. It's just REST and JOSN
  106. Asterix for authentication no, but that's not the only thing the plugin do
  107. Asterix Requirements trac-github requires Trac >= 0.12 and the git plugin.
  108. kalkin What's the issue with activating the git plugin if it's needed?
  109. Asterix "Go to your accounts's settings page on GitHub" ho, it means all github users will have to enable that??
  110. Asterix then you're the only one who will do that
  111. Asterix hmmmm no, I need to do that! to put it in my trac config ile
  112. Asterix and that removes the normal authentication
  113. kalkin Asterix: sure? this is strange.
  114. Asterix to prevent duplicate login
  115. kalkin meh
  116. Asterix it's what is written in authentication part of the readme
  117. kalkin This is stupd
  118. kalkin Is it so hard to check in the Trac api if other modules use the same username? strange...
  119. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8218 (Long names in "Join Group Chat") created Bug description Long subject lines in group chats produce long bookmark names, so the MenuItem? in "Join Group Chat" becomes very long. Steps to reproduce Join prosody@… and bookmark it. Th[…] • Shorten name of […] name of a gc entry.diff
  120. Asterix kalkin: look at the diff you put in the ticket :)
  121. kalkin Asterix: awesome :D
  122. Asterix and I can't reproduce that
  123. kalkin Asterix: Remove prosody conference from your bookmark if you have it in it. Join it without setting the checkbox for bookmarking. Look in to Join Group Chat, it should be there
  124. kalkin or just go to manage bookmarks and add a conference room with a long title
  125. Asterix kalkin: Gajim use the name of the room prosody for prosody@ MUC
  126. Asterix haaa. You mean conversation has a bug !
  127. kalkin Yes
  128. kalkin yes
  129. Asterix not Gajim
  130. kalkin Conversation does that
  131. kalkin I forgot it, that conversation did add the long bookmark
  132. kalkin Also you can give a long title from Gajim to your bookmark by hand :)
  133. Asterix and and if you do it, why would Gajim hide it? you want a long one, that's your problem!
  134. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • gajim-menu-item-long.png attached to Ticket #8218
  135. kalkin Asterix: still it's useful. I'm pretty sure that other clients do simmilar things. I myself did the same in some draft client i was working on. :)
  136. kalkin Asterix: still it's useful. I'm pretty sure that other clients do simmilar things. I myself did the same in some draft client i was working on. :) 
  137. comradekingu "Ask before closing tabbed chat window if there are control that can loose " "data (chat, private chat, groupchat that will not be minimized)" what does this mean?
  138. Darlan Where did you see "data (chat, private chat, groupchat that will not be minimized)"?
  139. comradekingu Darlan, #: ../src/common/
  140. comradekingu Its all one string, and I understand very little of it
  141. kalkin comradekingu: if you close a groupchat you get this message shown
  142. Darlan chat = chat with a roster contact; private chat = chat with groupchat participant; groupchat that will not be minimized = groupchat that is not set to be realized into an entry in roster and is to be closed upon pressing close button.
  143. comradekingu what does "if there are control that can loose data" mean?
  144. Darlan s/entry/row
  145. kalkin Or at least i thought. But i did seen it in the last few days.
  146. Darlan I do not know.
  147. kalkin Is there a way in Gajim to show which Xeps the Server supports?
  148. kalkin Is there a way in Gajim to show which xeps the Server supports?
  149. kalkin Is there a way in Gajim to show which xeps the server supports?
  150. Asterix no, it's only in some variables in gajim
  151. comradekingu kalkin, i think its in the XML console
  152. kalkin Asterix: I fail to push to gajim-plugins master
  153. kalkin Am I not allowed to push against master? Should i push to another branch?
  154. kalkin ok forget it it was some weird git-remote-hg hickup
  155. Asterix but you closes Gajim tickets!
  156. Asterix
  157. Asterix
  158. kalkin Oh sorry, of course i wanted to close github issues. Next time will import history without #numbers
  159. Asterix ok comments deleted in trac
  160. kalkin ASterix: sorry
  161. Asterix np :)
  162. Asterix wow 31 commits! :)
  163. kalkin I like to have stuff pretty atomic
  164. Asterix me too
  165. kalkin Next milestone is the authentication ui for OMEMO
  166. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [733:7f9ea093[] • Changeset [734:6d12283cb71f]: Make logging less verbose If you are work[] • Changeset [735:a5f711db[] • Changeset [736:c29dde84[] • Changeset [738:1d4888f206b1]: Disable OMEMO if [] • Changeset [739:afc9889d75c5]: Do not use unicod[] • Changeset [740:ea8c40e4[] • Changeset [741:d61e7296d759]: Use EncryptionSta[] • Changeset [742:10aa3e60[] • Changeset [743:0ad2a8bf[]
  167. comradekingu #: ../src/common/ "Ask offline status message to all offline contacts when connection to an " "accoutn is established. WARNING: This causes a lot of requests to be sent!"
  168. comradekingu Is this turned on by default? Im thinking thats whats caused all the requests i got when connecting to the irc transport
  169. comradekingu s/requests i got/requests i sent in vain/