Gajim - 2016-01-09

  1. Asterix arcade: are you connected to your 2 accounts? Gajim should show bookmarks of all connected accounts
  2. arcade yes
  3. arcade are bookmarks stored on the server? this is slack account so it can be a little... different
  4. daniel arcade: slack doesn't support bookmarks
  5. daniel But yes generally those are stored on the server
  6. arcade :( yes. after restarting client they all are gone from the meny too...
  7. arcade I'll go bug slack support
  8. RDM just installed.gajim..on windows 7 32bit. working fine..but while downloading OTR plugin it crashed twice..! is it bug..? however now it running fine..
  9. comradekingu The link to is broken in
  10. Asterix comradekingu: thanks, page updated
  11. comradekingu Camelcase-capitalisation is quite bad advice to give btw
  12. comradekingu One small fix "How can I see what is left to untranslated?"
  13. Asterix where does it talk about camelcase?
  14. comradekingu left to be translated, or what is not translated yet
  15. comradekingu "One small example of this means that if you see the english text state: "Help me Go Somewhere Nice", then your translation string should have the first letter in every word as Capital"
  16. Asterix This has nothing to do with CamleCaseCapitalization (without space). We just ask translators to follow the way we put capital letters
  17. comradekingu In what language does that apply?
  18. Asterix for example in the title of a dialog we can have "Account Creation Wizard"
  19. comradekingu Which in many european languages not only is a compound-word, but also should have no capitalization other than the A
  20. comradekingu Atleast for the current implementation of Norwegian bokmål in Gajim it is wrong, and also inconsistent between menus
  21. Asterix comradekingu: funny that the title of HIG uses capital letters: Gnome Human Interace Guidelines
  22. Asterix comradekingu: you can help the current translator to fix things
  23. comradekingu Its a headline, in English, where i think its optional
  24. comradekingu Gnome human interface guidelines i take with a grain of salt
  25. Link Mauve Actually in English it’s the correct way to do it.
  26. Link Mauve In French it isn’t.
  27. comradekingu Seeing as they couldnt even even keep the URL from breaking
  28. comradekingu Its already that way in the upstream strings, I just dont see a point in suggesting to apply it anywhere else
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  30. comradekingu "Please contact us in our room (gajim@…) before."
  31. comradekingu no is not a locale, nb (which has the same strings as the no one) should be nb_NO
  32. comradekingu Does Ctrl+G work in english?
  33. comradekingu (to bring up _Group chat?
  34. comradekingu string 124 doesnt use … but uses instead ...
  35. comradekingu "Add this certificate to the list of trusted certificates.\n SHA1 fingerprint of the certificate" SHA1 should be deprecated, no?
  36. comradekingu jabber with small j on string 315
  37. comradekingu line 539 #: ../data/gui/add_new_contact_window.ui.h:9 Should be "click on Register" not "click on register"
  38. comradekingu it should not be "Ad-hoc" but "Ad hoc"
  39. comradekingu "You are going to begin a Multi-User Chat" change this to "you are now entering a group-chat"
  40. comradekingu "#: ../data/gui/item_archiving_preferences_window.ui.h:3 msgid "otr" Should that be OTR ?
  41. comradekingu The one below it should be JID, not jid, so i think both are incorrect
  42. comradekingu "msgid "homepage url" should be URL
  43. comradekingu ""If checked, Gajim will display status messages of contacts under the contact " "name in roster window and in group chats" should have a comma
  44. comradekingu should be ASCII, not ascii
  45. comradekingu eg. A contact " "from MSN will have the equivalent msn icon for status online, away, busy, "
  46. comradekingu MSN is no more, change to something else