Gajim - 2016-01-08

  1. fchorney hello
  2. Dave Cridland Hiya. I have a minor security bug to report. Anyone got a sensible place to do so?
  3. kalkin Dave Cridland: Write an E-Mail to Asterix or wait till he is online (probably in the evening Europe/Berlin time)
  4. Dave Cridland Gajim support MAM these days, doesn't it? ANyone know which version of MAM it supports?
  5. Holger Dave Cridland: It supports v0.3 and uses it to fill the local history (it doesn't update regular conversation windows with MAM messages).
  6. arune Dave Cridland, and no MUC MAM support yet
  7. Dave Cridland arune, That's OK, that doesn't exist in Openfire either, yet.
  8. arune Dave Cridland, I think only Conversations do
  9. arune client side
  10. Dave Cridland I'd guess Swift 3.0 as well, although that's not yet released.
  11. fchorney hello?
  12. arune fchorney: yo
  13. nt Is it possible to have a new tab/window created when a new message event from my contact list is received?
  14. nt hmm, maybe triggers plugin does this...
  15. nt seems it does
  16. arcade weird, when I'm trying to manage shortcuts I see shortcuts only from one server while I have shortcuts on two servers. shortcuts are visible in the menu but I can't edit them...
  17. nt is there a way to wrap the list of tabs? right now i have arrows on either side to scroll between tabs, but i'd like to see them all at once.
  18. kalkin Lol intersting bug I found. Conversations saves a bookmark with the GC subject as title, which can be very long -- see , so the MenuItem in Join Group Chat Menu gets very very long
  19. fchorney hello?
  20. roidal ho
  21. roidal hi*
  22. roidal what can be the problem if gajim doesn't list existing gpg-keys?