Gajim - 2016-01-07

  1. Darlan tmolitor, do you think I should update my python-nbxmpp in order for the bug to b triggered nore often? $ spkg -l *nbxmpp* python-nbxmpp-nightly-20150812-i486-1yl
  2. tmolitor Darlan: maybe...just try
  3. Darlan tmolitor, Upgrading package python-nbxmpp-nightly-20150812-i486-1yl -> python-nbxmpp-nightly-20160107-i486-1yl...
  4. Darlan Please send to me a PM
  5. kalkin I can not get ipython support in gajim running
  6. kalkin I get the error It seems Gajim is not running
  7. kalkin but this can not be true
  8. narcode do you have read the /wiki/IPythonEmbeddedShell ?
  9. kalkin yes
  10. kalkin i have dbus-python isntalled
  11. kalkin and i use the current 16.5 version
  12. kalkin I even activated remote_control in the ACE
  13. Asterix Hi all
  14. Asterix About this PM bug, have you found a way to reproduce it?
  15. tmolitor asterix: well....not exactly....the problem seems a race condition between various ui threads I guess...
  16. Asterix ok. and always when starting an encrypted PM conversation
  17. Darlan Asterix, apparently, it varies from one machine to another.
  18. Asterix ?
  19. Darlan It does not have to be encrypted, I think.
  20. Asterix ok. That's very strange that it appeared recently. Pm feature isn't recent!
  21. Darlan That bug is, also, not recent!
  22. Darlan It is occurring for over a year, as I recall.
  23. tmolitor asterix: encrypted session...only the event handler has encrypted in its name...
  24. tmolitor asterix: I wrote you an email just now containing a trace of the issue (what exactly calls the ' = contact' in
  25. Asterix yep I read it
  26. tmolitor asterix: okay :) and my last mail from yesterday, too?
  27. Asterix yep
  28. Darlan Triggered on the slower machine, once I connected with the faster machine
  29. tmolitor asterix: excellent :)
  30. Asterix tmolitor: for the last part, was the emoticons in the demandimport ignore list before? Has it ever been there?
  31. tmolitor darlan, asterix: yes...that underlines my point that this seems to be a race condition...
  32. tmolitor asterix: I don't know...but reload(emoticons) won't work with demandimport...
  33. Asterix tmolitor: ok I'll add it then.
  34. tmolitor when I try to change the emoticons set I always get a dialog box that this isn't possible...some googling and the addition to the ignore list solved the problem for me...
  35. Asterix we don't use threads in Gajim (except for particular things like gpg encryption)
  36. Asterix all is done in the same thred
  37. Asterix all is done in the same thread
  38. kalkin When is the chat_control_base_update_toolbar hook triggered? When does Gajim consider the toolbar needed to be updated?
  39. Asterix tmolitor: strange. I can change it without any problem ...
  40. tmolitor asterix: hmmm...that's strange, indeed...maybe demandimport or python got updated on my machine...
  41. Asterix kalkin: without looking at the code, I'd say when we get a presence of the contact
  42. tmolitor but adding it to the ignore list won't hurt anyways :)
  43. Asterix sure, I should re-do some benchmarking to see if that really help ...
  44. Darlan > ok. That's very strange that it appeared recently. Pm feature isn't recent! This loop error message bug is what kept me away from Gajim for the last months.
  45. Link Mauve yay! \o/
  46. Asterix it's MUC2?
  47. Link Mauve Yes.
  48. Link Mauve I can’t wait to play with it in slixmpp.
  49. Asterix very short XEP compared to MEC!
  50. Asterix very short XEP compared to MUC!
  51. Link Mauve MUC is my biggest pain in XMPP, I only skimmed through this MIX one but I like it a lot more already.
  52. tmolitor asterix: okay...then no race condition...
  53. Asterix I just would like to really understand what happens ... but I'm waiting your patch if it's not only the "if contact:" test
  54. tmolitor asterix: when the bug has been triggered I get multiple exceptions when moving the mouse above the chat window...because the window resize and move handler also uses the contact reference which is None...
  55. Asterix yes I had the same the only time I had the bug
  56. tmolitor asterix: what do you thing about the comment for the legacycontactsapi class?
  57. Asterix because we are supposed to correctly find the contact instance even if it's a muc contact
  58. Asterix it has always been difficult to handle that. If only pm messages had a type != "chat" that would help a LOT
  59. Asterix because in the client we have to differentiate things, and it's not in the protocole
  60. tmolitor asterix: the client has to check if the jid (without ressource) is a muc and then use the ressource to get the actual user the message is from, am I right?
  61. Asterix yes
  62. Asterix but how to know if the bar JID is a muc?
  63. Asterix we can check in the list of muc we are currently
  64. Asterix not 100% sure it'll work ...
  65. Asterix do a disco on the JID? (we don't do that)
  66. tmolitor asterix: a list of known mucs should be enough I think...
  67. Darlan Asterix, you can disco an MUC using the Service discovery dialog. It will show you who is present in a given MUC.
  68. Asterix in particular, if I restart your server, my MUC may not notice it. You come back in this room, but you won't get the contact list because my server didn't noticed your went out / in
  69. tmolitor asterix: the problem is: why does it sometimes work and sometimes not? even in the same muc and with the same pm contact?
  70. Asterix Darlan: it's very slow, and in the mean time you have to save the stanza before knowing what to do with it?
  71. Asterix tmolitor: I agree this is the problem ... Why ...
  72. tmolitor well...I traced the issue back to the get_contact() function as I stated in my mail...but...well...this function uses a list to get the maybe this list gets corrupted...
  73. tmolitor asterix: I didn't investigate further into this would probably be the next point to investigate...
  74. Asterix yes I'd like to be able to repro to put a breakpoint in the code to investiguate
  75. tmolitor s/to/so/
  76. tmolitor asterix: I used a small class named watcher to watch over changes in the contacts variable and to output a trace to a file when it occures....that helped a lot to find the code point in the
  77. tmolitor (I found this class on stackoverflow when I was searching for a way to detect a variable change in python)...
  78. kalkin what is the difference between chat_control and chat_control_base gui_extension_point?
  79. kalkin When do I use which?
  80. Asterix both are extension points? the second one is to be used by plugins
  81. Asterix ha ... no
  82. Asterix sorry
  83. Asterix chat_control and room_control are both chat_control_base
  84. kalkin Ahh i see it's for hooking in to specific object hierarchy
  85. kalkin ok
  86. kalkin but why do I want to do that and still which one should I use?
  87. kalkin My usecase is just to draw a checkbox, auto set the lock_icon and hook in to the gear menu
  88. Asterix it depends if you address only chat or chat and muc
  89. Asterix as it's only chat, you should use chat_control
  90. kalkin ah ok
  91. kalkin thanks
  92. kaueraal hello
  93. kaueraal how do i upgrade gajim on windows?
  94. kaueraal executing the installation file again justn prompts me to uninstal
  95. Asterix just download the new installer and run it
  96. Asterix after uninstall it installs
  97. kaueraal ah, that wasn´t obvious
  98. kaueraal thank you, i´ll try it :-)
  99. Asterix Yes !
  100. Asterix I fixed the bug I just found
  101. Asterix and I think I found a way to repro the bug you had !
  102. Asterix Darlan?
  103. kalkin How do i get a chat_control when i have an account and contact?
  104. kalkin I think i saw a method for that somewhere
  105. Asterix gajim.interface.msg_win_mgr.get_control I think
  106. kalkin Asterix: Yes thanks!
  107. Asterix GN guys
  108. kalkin Asterix: GN
  109. fchorney Hi guys, Ive been combing the internet for a while for the answer to this question. Hopefully im not just being an idiot. In a MUC is there a way that I can hide the roster?
  110. fchorney Hi?
  111. fchorney does this chat even work?
  112. kalkin yes it does
  113. kalkin fchorney: press Ctrl+R
  114. kalkin Is this what you mean?