Gajim - 2016-01-06

  1. Python hi, is there a way to disable join/part messages on MUCs?
  2. Python and, does anyone know how to open xmpp URIs with Gajim on Firefox/Windows?
  3. Genunix Hello, I am using 0.16.5 Gajim which should support mod_mam (XEP-0136) - it's enabled but it doesn't show messages send on other devices in chat history? Using latest ejabberd with mod_mam on server-side.
  4. Genunix Same behavior for MUC
  5. Genunix Server-side looks fine, when I send query using XML console, I get server-side archive.
  6. Genunix Actions -> Advanced -> Edit Archiving Preferences option is gray
  7. Natureshadow Genunix, same here
  8. Natureshadow Same setup, same effect. Other clients do get the archive.
  9. Genunix Natureshadow, is there a bug already or something?
  10. Natureshadow Don't know. I didn't find the time to look into it.
  11. Holger Did you guys use the MAM module from ejabberd-contrib before switching to the mod_mam shipped with ejabberd?
  12. Genunix Holger, I think I was
  13. Holger Then search for "last_mam_id" in the Advanced Configuration Editor, reset the value, and re-log-in.
  14. Holger This patch will fix the issue, but it won't go into 16.01 (though probably into the following release):
  15. Genunix Holder, Hmm, seems it's working now :-)
  16. Genunix Holger, but is it possible that this issue also effects someone who just installed and setup Gajim (after migration, not before)? Or where does the id come from?
  17. Holger Genunix: No, this issue would only affect people who used Gajim before the migration.
  18. Genunix Holger, ok, good, I can confirm that now. Thank you! :-)
  19. Genunix I maybe discovered one more issue - with MAM-enabled MUC, messages appear 3-times in Gajim's history. But works fine with Conversations. And it doesn't happen in non-group chat.
  20. arune Genunix: gajim does not support muc mam
  21. Genunix arune, I was afraid of that
  22. Holger But those duplicates are due to MUC MAM? I wasn't aware of that ...
  23. Holger *of that issue ...
  24. Genunix Holger, I am not sure, it was my first idea
  25. Darlan tmolitor, are you here?
  26. Darlan is using a not-patched Gajim 0.16.5-bf2bc1530719 installation.
  27. kalkin Did gajim mercurial host fingerprint change lately?
  28. Link Mauve kalkin, yes, it moved to Let’s Encrypt from CACert.
  29. Darlan tmolitor, help me.
  30. tmolitor darlan: help what?
  31. kalkin About #8208 and gajim-omemo #16: It looks to me like a bug in Gajim. For some reasons the ChatControl has sometime the lock_image not set\
  32. kalkin Or may be it's not a bug in gajim. May be i try to use the wrong ChatControl instance
  33. Darlan tmolitor, I need help triggering the bug.
  34. kalkin Darlan: can you please send the link to the ticket where you described the encryption ui issues?
  35. kalkin Darlan: not the one where you cite me. You send me some time ago another one which was 2 years old?
  36. Darlan #8207
  37. bot Darlan: (Display a lock icon next to each encrypted message)
  38. Darlan oops
  39. Darlan Not that
  40. Darlan Maybe this
  41. Darlan Proper UI integration with Gajim
  42. kalkin Darlan: yes this is the one
  43. kalkin thank you
  44. Darlan You are welcome.
  45. Darlan See also
  46. Darlan TRIGGERED!!!
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  49. tmolitor darlan: blabla
  50. Darlan Woof! Woof! Woof!
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