Gajim - 2016-01-03

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  2. tmolitor darlan: okay...lets try it again...
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  5. menerond Hello. I have a quick question. I am trying to install gajim-nightly from unstable main and I already have gajim-dev-keyring installed, but I get the message that gajim-nightly cannot be authenticated. Am I missing something?
  6. Asterix hmmm no ... I think that should be enough ...
  7. Asterix do you have gajim-dev key when you type gpg --list-keys as root?
  8. Asterix forget what I just said
  9. Asterix do you have /usr/share/keyrings/gajim-dev-keyring.gpg file?
  10. menerond yes
  11. menerond also apt-key list shows a gajim-dev key
  12. Asterix it's 1E5526DE?
  13. menerond yes
  14. Asterix so that's weird ...
  15. Asterix I just tried and didn't get the warning
  16. menerond I will try the old "off and on" again, maybe that helps....
  17. menerond Nope, no progress. I will try another computer, maybe something else is broken
  18. Asterix try to uninstall and re-install the keyring maybe?
  19. menerond It is the same issue on my laptop, but it is running debian testing as well. Sad, I wanted to try the new omemo-plugin which doesn't seem to work with 0.16.1
  20. Asterix daniel: you should set the min_gajim_version in the manifest.ini of the plugin :)
  21. menerond All the debian users will thank you :D
  22. Asterix that won't change the debian package issue you have, just prevent installing the plugin on gajim 0.16.1 for ex
  23. menerond I guessed so, but it prevents false hopes :)
  24. menerond I was really excited to finally find a messenger for desktop that supports omemo, so thank you anyway for working on that!
  25. Asterix but I really wonder why you can't authenticate the package :/
  26. Asterix menerond: you have debsig-verify package installed?
  27. menerond Asterix: Okay, don't ask me how and why but after uninstalling the gajim-dev-keyring, then running apt-get update again with the obvious error message, then installing the keyring package again it works...
  28. Asterix ha ...
  29. Asterix strange because the keyring package hasn't changed for years!
  30. Asterix probably since 2007
  31. menerond But there has to be that "error" with apt-get update in between uninstalling and installing, just verified on my laptop...
  32. menerond Okay, package-stuff is magic to me anyway, I will ask no more questions :D
  33. Asterix ;)
  34. menerond Thank you, Asterix . I will now try the plugin and see if I can get my users to switch clients
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  36. tmolitor Asterix: After installing a New keyring into apt you always have to issue a apt-get Update to activate IT...that's why IT finally worked for menerond ...
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  38. Asterix tmolitor: the keyring was already there for him ... strange he had to uninstall re-install ...
  39. Ralf Hi all - is it somehow possible to disable e2e encryptipn completely, or for a contact?
  40. Ralf I am playing around with omemo, and whenever gajim decides to start an e2e session with the other gajim then the phones dont see any messages any more
  41. Asterix Ralf: enable_esessions in ACE
  42. Ralf thanks, that seems to work :)
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  44. tmolitor Asterix: the reinstall wasn't the solution...but He also did an apt-get Update afterwards...and this is why IT worked afterwards...
  45. arune I'm also voting for atp-get update did the thing
  46. tmolitor arune: I know it is so...I read it in some manual :)
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  48. Link Mauve Asterix, using list(generator) is a lot slower in Python than [… for … in …] comprehension.
  49. Asterix using ( ... for ... in ...) doesn't work. It returns a generator instead of the tuple. I haven't tested with []
  50. mathieui [] returns a list, obviously
  51. Link Mauve Yep.
  52. Link Mauve It’s called a list comprehension.
  53. Asterix it's as obvious as () returning a tuple ...
  54. Link Mauve Not really, the coma is the tuple symbol, () is only for the empty tuple.
  55. Link Mauve Which is why you have to use (1,) to have a 1-uple instead of (1).
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