Gajim - 2016-01-01

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  6. Johannes Is there code in Gajim to properly resize incoming images to fit the width of the window?
  7. Johannes I've had someone send an image inside a muc and ended up with very large horizontal scrollbars
  8. arune Do you use the image preview plugin?
  9. arune There should be a plugin setting for the size, and the images should not be larger but there's probably a bug
  10. arune Johannes
  11. tmolitor arune, Johannes: no...that is sends xhtml tags containing the original image in an image tag...
  12. arune tmolitor: aha, I thought I did something wrong
  13. arune But xhtml was just removed from conversations again
  14. tmolitor arune, my opinion conversations does something wrong...
  15. Johannes arune i have the mentioned plugin active but set to 150 pix preview size, which definitly not is what was showdn
  16. tmolitor arune: really? when?
  17. tmolitor at which version...
  18. arune
  19. arune Next version
  20. tmolitor Johannes, is the image underlined? like a link?
  21. Johannes what comes out of the httpupload-plugin is underlined and works correct
  22. arune Johannes: try sending an image URL in a normal message to gajim
  23. Johannes what comes out of conversations has the mentioned effect
  24. tmolitor bug: that is httpupload plugin *also* sends both (plain body *and* xhtml)
  25. tmolitor Johannes, no...I mean the large image...was this image underlined?
  26. Johannes no
  27. stp Hey guys, I wanted to try out the OMEMO-Plugin for Gajim. I installed the the plugin, but I can't find the "Get Device Keys" button that's supposed to appear somewhere. Website says "You have to install python-axolotl via pip..." What's pip?
  28. stp Also since installing the plugin I canÄt open the Pluginmanager anymore. I'm running the newest Gajim on Windows 7.
  29. stp Plugin Manager works again, seems to be a problem of multiple displays in Gajim on Windows
  30. tmolitor Johannes, well...okay...interesting...
  31. tmolitor in my opinion this was an image send from conversations and you have enabled xhtml in gajim...
  32. Johannes tmolitor: yes, i guess that should be the case
  33. tmolitor Johannes, in this case you can simply disable xhtml in gajim (I did this, too and for me it is perfectly usable this way)...
  34. arune tmolitor Johannes and Conversations removes broken xhtml in next version
  35. Johannes I'll wait then...
  36. tmolitor arune, yes, I read your last xhtml is in my opinion broken by design I like this :)
  37. tmolitor xhtml messages aren't encrypted as far as I know...
  38. arune Not e2e but there is of course transport encryption
  39. arune But conversations did not send in band but just a link
  40. stp Got OMEMO plugin working on Linux, seems to work perfectly. Windows installation is a real pain though, I can't get it to work.
  41. kalkin stp: you somehow need to install python-axolotl via pip. No idea how python suppose to work on windows
  42. kalkin stp: ohh I see it got covered in other channel
  43. stp kalkin, yes, but thanks anyway!
  44. tmolitor arune: yes....but the link is either to an unencrypted file (when no e2e encryption is active) or the link contains the encryption key (when e2e encryption *is* active) sending the link to an encrypted file over a non e2e link is not feasable...(therefore conversation uses/used xhtml only for non e2e messages)...