Gajim - 2015-12-31

  1. Prova Hello, please help
  2. Prova this is my paste
  3. Prova is this a bug?
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  5. Prova good morning people
  6. Prova Can you help me with this problem, please?
  7. Prova
  8. arune Prova: can you describe what you are trying to do? Steps to reproduce
  9. arune Did it use to work? When did it stop work...
  10. Guillaume Hello arune. I'm trying to use http upload but files bigger than 10Mb can't be uploaded. Server has a maximum of 100Mb.
  11. arune Guillaume: are you Prova ? Or do you have another issue?
  12. Guillaume arune, yes I'm Prova, sorry.
  13. Genunix Hello. Is it possible in Gajim to hide or change style of MUC system messages? Like join/left or "Any participant can see your JID" and others? Natively or via plugin?
  14. Genunix Hello. Is it possible in Gajim to hide or change style of MUC system messages? Like join/left or "Any participant can see your JID" and others? Natively or via plugin?
  15. Genunix Hello. Is it possible in Gajim to hide or change style of MUC system messages? Like join/left or "Any participant can see your JID" and others? Natively or via plugin?
  16. Genunix Ok, got solution. Set print_status_in_muc to "none" should solve the issue :)
  17. arune Guillaume: same every time?
  18. arune Genunix: yes but may not hide "any participant can see your jid"
  19. Genunix arune: yes, it didn't, this and "has set the subject" message
  20. kalkin Interesting, I'm not the only one who had issues with this.
  21. Guillaume arune, yes. I created dummy files to check the maximum and 10Mb is more or less the maximum I'm able to upload using Gajim's plugin.
  22. Guillaume I'm the only one or someone has encountered this problem too?
  23. arune tmolitor: did you remember any problem with 10MB?
  24. spicewiesel can I somehow see the server certificate in Gajim?
  25. Johannes somehow the http_upload fails and keeps sitting at "getting http upload slot"
  26. arune Johannes: activate the plugin log please
  27. Johannes arune which switch would that be in that case?
  28. tmolitor arune: yes, I did...but it was a prosody issue (prosody eating a *lot* of memory when uploading a 100MB ram for 1MB a 10MB file ate 1gig of ram and at about 15MB upload size my prosody server crashed with an out of memory error...
  29. tmolitor arune: but I didn't encounter problems in the plugin itself...can you give me a debug log (gajim -l DEBUG) of this issue?
  30. Link Mauve tmolitor, oh, I had a similar issue when testing Prosody’s s5b component.
  31. Link Mauve It was clearly having about six copies of the whole buffer in memory, which took down my laptop.
  32. tmolitor Johannes: start gajim with "gajim -l gajim.plugin_system=DEBUG"
  33. Johannes good golly, that a lot of logging
  34. tmolitor Link Mauve, okay...that's clearly something that should be solved then...limiting the upload filesize to about 10-15MB just because of this prosody bug is...well...a bit silly ;)
  35. tmolitor Johannes, that doesn't matter...just paste it somewhere and give me the link to it...
  36. tmolitor Johannes, by the way...the log of the xml console would be nice to see, too...
  37. tmolitor only the part during the fileupload of course :)
  38. Johannes
  39. Johannes tmolitor,
  40. tmolitor Johannes, and after that nothing more happens in the log?
  41. Johannes yup
  42. tmolitor Johannes, can you reach https://domain/ with your browser? are you using a proxy in your browser?
  43. Johannes sure, http_upload works fine with conversations
  44. Johannes only a jumping window saying "requesting slot"
  45. tmolitor Johannes, well...but maybe your computer can not access the upload server while your phone can...just guessing though...
  46. Johannes it can
  47. Johannes i posted stuff from the phone to some muc and it was displayed properly
  48. tmolitor Johannes, arune: in the code...after the log output of "Please download from [...]" a new thread is started and the first thing this new thread does is setting the progress message to "Uploading file via HTTP..."...I don't know what could happen in between that...there is no more code in the plugin...the only thing I could imagine is this: the threading interface of python somehow delays the ui update a bit and the code following the ui update somehow hangs (delaying the update further)...
  49. tmolitor Johannes, I'll send you a new plugin version containing more debug output...could you test this one?
  50. Johannes sure, later today, but yes
  51. tmolitor Johannes, okay :)
  52. tmolitor here it is:
  53. tmolitor
  54. tmolitor Johannes‎: you have to deinstall the old plugin first and then install this one (install from zip in the plugin manager)...then activate this one and try the upload again...paste the log messages generated by this one her and I'll have a look :)
  55. arune tmolitor: this is the log from Guillaume
  56. tmolitor Johannes‎: well...that is seems like the thread is not started....which version of gajim are you using? are you really sure you installed the plugin from my zip file? none of my new debug outputs is in the logs...
  57. tmolitor arune: well...that's strange...but it happened to me, too...
  58. tmolitor arune: it seems to be a bug in the urllib2 package...and it isn't always related to the file size (I have had this with a 1MB file, too)...
  59. tmolitor the upload always stuck at 100% and then a ssl timeout occured...I tested it with other timeout settings as well (I even set the timeout to insane values as 1 hour and such...but it didn't help...the upload never completed and the timeout always triggered)....
  60. Johannes i did not get any from you yet tmolitor
  61. tmolitor Johannes, I posted the link in this muc a few hours ago:
  62. Johannes lets see what is does
  63. Johannes 0.3.3 it says
  64. Johannes
  65. Johannes that is all there is
  66. Johannes
  67. Johannes slight update
  68. tmolitor Johannes: seems like the upload is immediately aborted after it starts...
  69. tmolitor 31.12.2015 18:03:17 (D) gajim.plugin_system opening urllib2 upload request... 31.12.2015 18:03:17 (I) gajim.plugin_system Upload aborted
  70. Johannes the gui shows a window with a progress bar and an abort button that flickers constantly by about 1/3 of its x-size. no controls aside of the close button rendered by the gui is useable
  71. Johannes also this blocks the entire other ui
  72. tmolitor what version of gajim are you using? and what os (windows, linux, max os x)?
  73. Johannes 16.5 and osx
  74. tmolitor Johannes, arune: I vaguely remember that we had such flickering a few month ago...but I don't know exactly how this happened and if we solved this (and how we did it)...
  75. tmolitor
  76. tmolitor Johannes: this is a new version of the plugin without any progress window at all...could you test if the upload is now working?
  77. Johannes tmolitor: looks very good
  78. Johannes worked instantly, i got a small preview image, clicking on it opened the full size in the browser
  79. Johannes maybe you could a configuration option for the plugin to show or not show that box. and then update it in the plugin repo
  80. tmolitor Johannes, well...I would prefer to solve the ui bug :)
  81. Johannes sure ;)
  82. Johannes that would be a clean way
  83. SouL Guys, I followed your conversation and I tried to upload large files. I got the same errors.
  84. SouL In Conversations is possible to upload large files?
  85. SouL (more than 10MB or so)
  86. SouL Just to check if is a server issue.