Gajim - 2015-12-28

  1. laco Hi there!
  2. laco Anyone here, who may help me with gajim?
  3. Darlan What do you need?
  4. laco Oh, hello :)
  5. Darlan Hi :)
  6. laco I have set up my prosody server, with xep0280 and xep 0313
  7. laco This seems to work great with Conversations on android
  8. laco But I don't get message history with gajim on windows
  9. Darlan What version of Gajim do you have under Windows?
  10. laco Gajim gets carbons well,
  11. laco I tried the latest first,
  12. laco now I went back to 0.16.3
  13. Darlan Does it work with Gajim 0.16.3?
  14. laco Just in case...
  15. laco not
  16. laco if it would work I would not come here ;)
  17. laco Do you have any hint?
  18. Darlan Do you have "Synchronize logs with server" enabled? (Edit/Accounts/General)
  19. laco I check it, please a second...
  20. laco I have checked there everything
  21. laco However, the option you mentioned is not there
  22. Darlan Then it would be available under Gajim 0.16.5
  23. laco I have "Receive conversations from other resources" which I suspect should do what I need
  24. laco but maybe it's just for carbons?
  25. Darlan I think it is for Carbon Messages.
  26. laco I see. Carbons are working well
  27. laco Darlan, do you have this "Syncronise logs..." in your gajim?
  28. laco I mean the option is there for you?
  29. Darlan Yes, I use a daily snapshot build.
  30. laco May I have this daily snapshot on windows?
  31. Darlan It should be available for 0.16.4 too. See
  32. laco Thanks I'll look into it.
  33. laco Thanks Darlan, I got it working.
  34. Darlan Great :)
  35. laco The problem was with gajim :)
  36. laco I had to clean everything, reinstalled Gajim, and the option is there.
  37. laco looks like gajim hides this option if the server doesn't support it.
  38. laco And later, when the server does support it, doesn't check it on startup.
  39. laco I installed Gajim and set up my profile BEFORE my prosody server was ready with mam and carbons
  40. laco And yesterday I got the modules installed and configured, I expected Gajim to work with them :)
  41. laco That was wrong. :)
  42. laco Looks like, the server has to support mam and carbons at the time when creating the profile in gajim
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  44. tmolitor Asterix: hi
  45. Asterix Hi, I just wanted your real name to ad you to the THANKS file
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  48. spicewiesel Wohooo!
  49. Asterix set the topic to Welcome to the official room of Gajim. Gajim 0.16.5 is now released! Try it! Language is English. If you have something to ask, just ask. Don't circle around with questions like "Have anyone used Gajim on Windows?"... New Bugs at Paste in shots in room logs in Spread Gajim!
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  51. Link Mauve Hop, flagged out-of-date in ArchLinux. :)
  52. mathieui yay
  53. pztrn hello everyone, I've problem with gajim .16.4 on gentoo, it segfaults (or python segfaults). gajim -v: Any ideas how to make gajim not to crash? I've already tried to rm -rf ~/.config/gajim and ~/.local/share/gajim/
  54. Link Mauve Oh wow, a real segfault!
  55. Link Mauve Run it in gdb, and see where it’s crashing.
  56. arune pztrn: did it work before?
  57. pztrn arune: not on new pc :) I've transferred settings and cache from laptop I'm writing now from. Same transfer works on my another pc.
  58. pztrn Link Mauve: any pointers to documentation how to do that? gdb says "/usr/bin/gajim: file format not recognized"
  59. arune Could be a "hardware bug" I saw something like that on gajim on Ubuntu
  60. pztrn well, looks like it's openssl problem - crashes on EC_key_new()
  61. pztrn according to gdb
  62. arune try gdb python /usr/bin/gajim ?
  63. arune Aha
  64. pztrn trying to rebuild cryptography package, maybe it'll help
  65. pztrn arune: :)
  66. pztrn found it couple of minutes ago
  67. Link Mauve pztrn, yeah, if you read /usr/bin/gajim you’ll know which command to run.
  68. Link Mauve Oops.
  69. pztrn Link Mauve: yeah :) figured it out. So, I am sorry for bothering you, but trouble was in cryptography module. I've rebuilt openssl package with -bindist, and looks like ABI was broken. So rebuilding cryptography package was enough, and now gajim works flawlessly and already syncing history from server ^_^
  70. arune I thought this might be it
  71. arune 👌
  72. Flow kalkin: flattr link on is broken, replace it with
  73. kalkin Flow: thanks will do.
  74. mive is there a way to let other users not know when i close the chat window?
  75. Darlan mive, see Edit/Preferences/Events
  76. Darlan mive, see Edit/Preferences/Personal Events
  77. mive Darlan, thanks!
  78. Darlan You are welcome :)
  79. kalkin Darlan: Stop Spamming me.
  80. kalkin Also conversation does not support otr in private messages in muc
  81. Darlan Sorry
  82. kalkin Darlan: you are still doing it
  83. Darlan kalkin, may I send this message here?
  84. Darlan I am not doing anything
  85. Darlan I closed the tab
  86. Darlan Is it still occurring?
  87. kalkin I think it stopped
  88. Darlan What happened?
  89. kalkin Got a lot of [זהו חלק מתוך סשן מוצפן. אם הינך רואה את הודעה זאת, משהו השתבש.] ([This is part of an encrypted session. If you see this message, something went wrong.])
  90. Darlan By the way, OTR is disabled on my end.
  91. Darlan oh
  92. Darlan E2E
  93. Darlan > kalkin: Darlan: well you interpreted me right, but I bet you a six pack beer, that it won't happen. Its not that simple to implement. The ui part is only the top part of the iceberg. I am not a programmer, so I do not know better than you, but Gajim has a mechanism to put icons (last message correction) and texts (confirming message arrival) at end of messages, so I figured the same thing may be used for indicating on security state of messages.
  94. kalkin Darlan: there is now wat
  95. kalkin Way
  96. kalkin At least no sane way which could be faked by the sender
  97. kalkin Currently you get an encrypted message decrypted and make an xmpp stanza containing the body
  98. kalkin I meant there is no way
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  100. kalkin Hmm known bug, I will fix it next year
  101. Asterix kalkin: could you open a page on trac-plugins?
  102. kalkin Asterix: its on my agenda for next year. I'm currently on the move
  103. kalkin I also would like to do a proper log history export from github
  104. kalkin And give you my ssh key
  105. SouL Hmm... Where can I find the so called error log?
  106. arune SouL: in linux you can run gajim from the terminal, and enable debug logging for a specific part of gajim, Google for gajim logging
  107. kalkin gajim -v
  108. Asterix kalkin: yep ok, nice
  109. kalkin Asterix: you are perhaps at 32c3?
  110. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8208 (OMEMO plugin throws python error message) closed invalid: it's a bug from the plugin. Should be reported on trac-plugins. Author will create the account soon. BTW: he know about that bug. Will be fixed on next version.
  111. Asterix kalkin: no I'm not
  112. spicewiesel kalkin, is there a way to see my gajim-omemo-fingerprint in gajim?
  113. kalkin spicewiesel: at the moment no. The whole authentication stuff is not implemented yet.
  114. spicewiesel ok
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