Gajim - 2015-12-27

  1. kalkin tmolitor: can you push the latest omemo changes to the plugin repo? I extended the manifest text to include a simple instruction
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  3. tmolitor kalkin, of course :) did you increment the plugin version in the manifest file, too?
  4. kalkin tmolitor: bumped and tagged version 0.2
  5. kalkin also fixes some NPEs
  6. tmolitor kalkin: okay...I'm uploading it now :)
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  8. kalkin tmolitor: thanks
  9. tmolitor kalkin, no problem :)
  10. Johannes does anyone of you have an idea how gtk+ compares to wxWidgets in its use?
  11. Johannes (from a developer perspective)
  12. Johannes I just stumbled across it reading on making osx friendly/native UIs as Gajim does not exactly look like an OSX app when run there...
  13. vorner I just noticed. The help/about dialog says „Copyright 2003-2014“. Has no code been written this year, or is the copyright a year behind?
  14. kalkin vorner: Depends on your version. But the development is active.
  15. vorner 0.16.4. I think that might be reasonably up to date. At least, gentoo usually has new versions.
  16. daniel 0.16.4 was released in 2015
  17. Darlan manpage indicates 2015. Copyright (C) 2003-2015 Gajim Team
  18. Link Mauve Johannes, wxWidgets is hated by all of the people who worked with it.
  19. Link Mauve The Dolphin project is moving to Qt from wx because it actually works.
  20. Darlan Link Mauve, may you post a link?
  21. Link Mauve
  22. Johannes Link Mauve: Thanks. What are the most disgusting points with wxWidgets then? The UIs it produces appear quite nice & native
  23. Johannes But so do most Qt UIs
  24. Link Mauve Johannes, some of its features are not implemented on every OS it “supports”, and there is no indication of that in the docs.
  25. Johannes ugh. I get your point