Gajim - 2015-12-25

  1. Darlan > mt: Asterix: still has an expired cacert cert Perhaps that is the reason why I am not able to retrieve a list of plugin updates. Gajim does not even output warnings or any other type of information in this process.
  2. mt Darlan: don't think so, the cert expired in 2012. But you can try to disable tls in the settings for the plugin installer plugin itself.
  3. Darlan Thanks for the hint. It still does not work.
  4. Link Mauve mt, you should never do that.
  5. kalkin What are the prerequisites to get your plugin in to the plugin repo?
  6. kalkin Also how do you distribute the python dependencies like python-axolotl
  7. kalkin I really would like to package omemo and distribute it via plugin manager before the 29th December. (On this day there will be a lightning talk about OMEMO at 32c3)
  8. Link Mauve kalkin, give Asterix your public key, and push your work there.
  9. Link Mauve Just ask him once he’s here.
  10. Link Mauve IIRC dependencies are all included in the Windows version, and just suggested as optional in the various Linux packages.
  11. kalkin Link Mauve: what kind of public key GPG or SSH
  12. Link Mauve SSH, you want to be able to push to the repository.
  13. kalkin Ok
  14. mt Link Mauve: i am not. Just a quick suggestion to rule out that the expired cert is the problem.
  15. tmolitor asterix: when an outgoing message is delayed due to a smacks enabled reconnect, the time at the receivers end is wring (can be several minutes), because gajim doesn't append a delayed tag to such messages...
  16. tmolitor I'm preparing a fix right now...and I'll create a bug report with this patch the next days to fix that (only adding the delayed tag to the messages replayed on reconnect, not to others)...