Gajim - 2015-12-23

  1. arune Yay lets encrypt!
  2. arune Finally not painful to open those links on mobile anymore
  3. mt Asterix: still has an expired cacert cert
  4. Link Mauve Asterix, Pidgin people started moving from their own DNS resolving to GIO, which is part of GLib since 2.34 and provides everything needed for SRV and the likes.
  5. Asterix interesting. we currently use a blocking dns resolution if python-libasyncns is not installed (I think it's not easily available)
  6. Link Mauve GIO provides async resolution as well.
  7. Link Mauve If you want to have a look:
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  9. Link Mauve Meh, don’t use the window xid, that’s totally not portable…