Gajim - 2015-12-22

  1. Darlan I have entered this chat room, and messages of yesterday (1 day ago) are now logged in my chat log database. On the other hand, on another chat room, messages of 6 days ago _are not_ logged, even though Gajim indicates that there are messages on that date. I use Gajim 0.16.4-47d1d194e2d1
  2. Darlan On another chat room, there are messages from yesterday (1 day ago) and from 10 days ago; all are logged.
  3. Darlan I still can't see the messages of 6 days ago.
  4. spicewiesel kalkin, hey, the omemo plugin works with multiple devices for me! that's pretty cool
  5. Darlan All messages appear in the log manager.
  6. Darlan Oops, sorry, I can see the messages with history viewer. The "bold" date is false. I forgot about this glitch.
  7. daniel Asterix, is there an estimated release date for 0.16.5?
  8. Asterix I think that it's more or less ready, so maybe before the end of the year
  9. spicewiesel \o/
  10. Darlan No bot?
  11. Asterix ha no ...
  12. Asterix will restart it
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  14. Darlan Thank you. Good night :)