Gajim - 2015-12-21

  1. tmolitor asterix: the automatic emails send by trac are missing the to header field...this leads to a higher spam score (and you should fix this if this can be done easily)...
  2. mive hi
  3. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8185 (Crash on Cyrillic message processing) updated It was sporadic but I managed to reproduce it again. Message looks nasty: 21.12.2015 г. 12:00:01 (E) gajim.c.ged: Error while running an even handler: <bound method <a class="missing wiki">RosterWindow?</a>._nec_decrypted_message_received of <roster_window.<a class="missing wiki">RosterWindow?</a> instance at 0x039605D0>> 21.12.2015 г. 12:00:37 (E) gajim.c.ged: Error whi[…]
  4. unk hi
  5. unk i have questions @
  6. unk can som1 answer me ?
  7. unk :-w
  8. unk :((
  9. unk_ No1 IN There ?
  10. unk_ wtF ?
  11. mive unk, try to write in a normal style. try to ask your question not asking whether you can ask
  12. unk i translating gajim for my lang but i cant find strings like preferences or plugins , etc... in gajim.po file
  13. unk these strings are missing in file !!! _Preferences _Quit P_lugins etc...
  14. unk _Join New Group Chat
  15. unk this one exist but not working on translated gajim !
  16. unk :|
  17. kalkin I stumbled over a small bug in OTR plugin. See here:
  18. arune kalkin: the first gajim-omemo-bug was a bug in otr? ☺
  19. kalkin yeah, i copy pasted it in an issue without really looking at it :)
  20. tmolitor I have a problem: since yesterday the bar at the bottom of the messaging window I'm missing all icons like emoticons, file transfers and everything else which belongs into this bar :(
  21. tmolitor how can I get my toolbar back? :(
  22. tmolitor I'm using the latest nightly....
  23. vorner tmolitor: /compact
  24. tmolitor vorner, oh, thanks!!!! it worked :)
  25. kalkin Sometimes if something goes wrong in a gajim plugin, gajim will just start but the plugin does not show up in plugin manager or anywhere else. Is there a way to find out why gajim did not load some plugin?
  26. kalkin mostly this happens if you got your imports wrong
  27. Asterix with gajim -l gajim.p.plugin=DEBUG
  28. Asterix or gajim.plugin_system=DEBUG
  29. kalkin Asterix: thanks!
  30. kalkin Asterix: if i'm listening at the pep-received event how do i get MyCustomPEP from the event object?
  31. Asterix restarting server, brb
  32. Asterix kalkin: it is not saved in the event is it usefull?
  33. kalkin Asterix: I mean i can access event.stanza. But if I have such a nice CustomPEP object I want it to do the data parsing and provide me with data needed to do OMEMO stuff
  34. kalkin I see that the mood stuff is doing something similar with: self._pep_specif_data, self._retracted = self._extract_info(items)
  35. kalkin Or is it just mood specific?
  36. Asterix kalkin: how current pep class work is that in the __init__ of the class, it parses the stanza, and then do what is needed (here it updates the contact instamces with received data)
  37. kalkin Ahh i see.
  38. Asterix and currently _update_contacts store the XXXPEP instance in contct.pep
  39. kalkin Would it not be better if the PEP class just encapsulated data, the actions on this data should be executed on pep-received hook (at the moment i only can get type and stanza in it) ? Or am I missing something?
  40. kalkin Because now i have to pass to MyCustomPEP class an Omemo state object, which IMHO does not belong there
  41. Asterix what about accessing your OMEMO state object from the PEP class? isn't it globaly available?
  42. Asterix for example contacts are globally accessible by gajim.contacts.get_contacts()
  43. kalkin There're different OmemoStates for each account. Also I'm really not a huge fan of having global state
  44. kalkin Asterix: what value do i get if i call gajim.connections[].pep?
  45. kalkin it returns some kind of dict, but i do not know how to fill it
  46. Asterix hmm I don't know ... I don't see where it's filled
  47. Asterix it's maybe the pep info we sent?
  48. kalkin Asterix: roster_tweaks uses it this way
  49. Asterix ho yes it's the pep info we received for our own JID
  50. Asterix it's updated in, in _update_account()
  51. Asterix so that's not usefull for you
  52. Asterix time to sleep, GN
  53. kalkin Asterix: Thanks for you help and good night
  54. Asterix you're welcome. thanks for your plugin!
  55. kalkin Wait till it's ready :)