Gajim - 2015-12-19

  1. tmolitor arune: I fixed the emoji sorting :) I'm creating a ticket for code inclusion right now...
  2. tmolitor asterix: please see this ticket for proper emoticons sorting:
  3. tmolitor asterix: I attached a patch to the ticket....
  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8204 (emoticons in dropdown menu not sorted properly) created Bug description Gajim can not sort emoticons provided by the emoticons plugin. The missing ability for emoticon pack designers to specify the sorting of their emoticons in the emoticons dropdown menu is ab bit anoying. Given large emoticon sets containing all u[…] • gajim_emojis_sorting.patch attached to Ticket #8204[]
  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [708:2dc8e77a80e5]: Added new (better) sorting to the twemoji resized package Added new (better) sorting to the twemoji resized package
  6. arune tmolitor: great
  7. arune I discovered that the emoji pack didn't work reliable in windows anyway though
  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15891:47d1d194e2d1]: [tmolitor] add a way to sort emoticons in emoticon menu. Fixes #8204 [tmolitor] add a way to sort emoticons in emoticon menu. Fixes #8204 • Ticket #8204 (emoticons in dropdown menu not sorted properly) closed fixed: In 15891:47d1d194e2d1: [tmolitor] add a way to sort emoticons in emoticon menu. Fixes #8204
  9. kalkin How do i remove state msgs in normal conversations (not muc). i have searched preferences and advanced preferences
  10. tmolitor arune: why that? I used png files instead of svgs....
  11. arune kalkin: I can check when at my computer, remind me if I forget
  12. arune tmolitor: they did work a while but then not anymore really strange
  13. arune Maybe Unicode issue in windows gajim
  14. kalkin arune: Thanks in advance!
  15. tmolitor arune: well...maybe you can try again and collect some more information via gajim -l DEBUG or something like that...
  16. kalkin I understand that for some people seeing if the user is on/away/of is important, this kind of people also want to see the state msgs in conversations and gc. Wouldn't it be good idea to have a switch, which disables the whole state stuff like conversations does?
  17. kalkin At the moment i have to hide state msgs for each muc by hand, this is cumbersome.
  18. Asterix kalkin: state message is "is composing" or "is away" ?
  19. Asterix prints_status_in_chats if it's the second
  20. kalkin the second
  21. Asterix kalkin: print_status_in_muc for muc
  22. kalkin Asterix thanks
  23. daniel Can somebody either tell me or point me to an example on how a plugin can add a menu item to the account context menu? The one that shows if I right click on the account and that has status, personal events, add Contact and so on in it?
  24. Asterix daniel: currently not possible, but I can add a gui extension point there
  25. daniel or maybe action / advanced / for account xxx ? is that possible right now?
  26. daniel i just need a menu entry under something account related instead of contact / chat window related
  27. Asterix no it's not either
  28. daniel if not it would be great if you could provide that extension point
  29. Asterix yes that's a good thing to do
  30. kalkin daniel: but an extension point doesn't solve the issue now
  31. kalkin daniel: You could just hook in to the Gear Menu like OTR does
  32. daniel Asterix, and since you are here right now could you merge this:
  33. daniel kalkin, i like solutions not workarounds
  34. kalkin daniel: well thank you picked a wrong job :D
  35. kalkin s/thank/then/g
  36. Asterix what does it do exactly?
  37. Asterix what the link between omemo and pep?
  38. daniel Asterix, omemo uses pep (it stores something thats called prekeys in pep). gajim without that patch just eats every unknown pep message
  39. daniel unknown meaning not in a list of known namespaces
  40. daniel with this patch all unknown pep messages will just be treated as raw-messages and pushed up the chain
  41. daniel pushed up the chain => allow for further processing. by the plugin for example
  42. Asterix daniel: wouldn't it be nicer to add an AbstractPEP object in the SUPPORTED_PERSONAL_USER_EVENTS variable?
  43. daniel Asterix, are plugins allowed to do this?
  44. Asterix I don't think they aren't
  45. Asterix pep.SUPPORTED_PERSONAL_USER_EVENTS.append()
  46. daniel either way i don't think the plugin does any harm as it just pushes messages that were not treated by the pep code on
  47. daniel it was kinda confusing to listen to raw_messages and just not receive some
  48. daniel especially since messages that _are_ in the namespace do appear in the raw message event
  49. Asterix excet this returns breaks a loop
  50. Asterix and the raise is not called (not sure it is really needed though ...)
  51. Asterix and your "return" will block event. A "return True" is neede to not stop it
  52. Asterix and your "return" will block event. A "return True" is needed to not stop it
  53. daniel pep events only have one item. so the loop breaking doesn't do any harm
  54. daniel but yeah i guess i could still fix that
  55. Asterix daniel: I think that's cleaner to have a new class to handle each PEP namespace
  56. daniel Asterix, ok i will make the plugin add its namespace to the pep thingy. however i really think the behaviour of messages just not showing up in an event called raw_message_received is very very confusing
  57. daniel at least it confused us
  58. Asterix that's the same for all other messages type. for example RosterItemExchange messages are handled in the RosterItemExchangeEvent, and thus are not forwarded as a raw-message
  59. kalkin Asterix: IMHO if you call something raw-message, people expect to have access to all raw messages (whatever the definition of message is in this context)
  60. Asterix I understand your point ...
  61. kalkin not saying that you want to use raw-message in this case, but you see where am i going...
  62. Asterix that's a bit of overhead to continue forwarding this message as a raw-message while it is better handled and parsed in a RosterItemExchangeEvent ...
  63. daniel Especially since other pep messages tune and what not DO show up in raw message
  64. Asterix they are converted to PEPReceivedEvent later in the process ...
  65. Asterix hmmm yes ... I See that we don't block calling message callback when we get a pep message. I think we should
  66. Maeda test