Gajim - 2015-12-17

  1. tmolitor arune: okay, thanks...the png files are ready for upload now :)
  2. arune 👌
  3. arune Is it possible to add support for typing smileys? Like :)
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  5. tmolitor arune: well, in theory yes...but I don't know if I like that...I think replacing certain text parts with images is not a good practice....consider you copy-paste something from the terminal und half of the text is replaced by images just because it happens to use some of the "reserved" character sequences like :) or 8) and so on...
  6. tmolitor using dedicated unicode codepoints for this is much better (and using emojis this way you get compatibility with android/iphone devices for free)...
  7. tmolitor I just commited my changes...
  8. tmolitor the new iconset plugin should have the resized icon pack as well :)
  9. tmolitor well ok...I made a mistake and didn't update the mapping file (which still contains the svg filenames rather than the png ones)...
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  11. tmolitor arune: please test the new icon set an tell me if it is ok this way (size usable) :)
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [707:e43eec160b86]: Fixed a naming bug in the new Twemoji resized icon pack. Fixed a naming bug in the new Twemoji resized icon pack.
  13. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • smacks.diff attached to Ticket #8202 This fixes the race condition and provides a better handling of server h > our h as well
  14. tmolitor asterix: I added several patches fixing all bugs I reported :)
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  16. arune tmolitor: wow, will test as soon as possible!
  17. arune The problem with unicode emoji (or whatever they are called) in gajim is that you need to use the mouse and click them which takes much longer than to type :)
  18. kalkin arune: you could replace a *Unicode_emoji_name* with emoji
  19. jodok Is gajim supposed to display the last messages in a muc when opened? Normally the last 50 messages (for my mucs) are sent when jioning.
  20. arune kalkin: where?
  21. arune kalkin, I get it, thx
  22. arune tmolitor, testing twemoji resized now, they are better sized
  23. kalkin arune: I know a few web based custom chat apps which are used completely by keyboard. They use a similar system every effective but combine it with a emoji name completion system.
  24. SouL sugoi
  25. kalkin Ie entering *win<enter>ma<enter> will complete to *winking_man*
  26. arune tmolitor, the twemoji resized does not work in windows correctly anyway, I guess unicode related
  27. arune when receiving images it works great, but trying to send just results in the emoji missing
  28. arune or maybe works when sending more text, but just sending a smiley does not work
  29. arune yes, seems to work well (except for when sending a message just with emojis), great work Link Mauve !
  30. test
  31. tmolitor Arune: well...for me (on Windows) IT even works for messages containing only the smiley...
  32. arune strange
  33. tmolitor *Not on Windows, i meant on Linux...
  34. arune yes, on linux that works
  35. tmolitor Strange typo :D
  36. arune I have a friend also running windows with the same problem
  37. arune did you find how the emoji list is sorted?
  38. tmolitor As For your other request: IT would be possible to merge two Icon Sets :)
  39. tmolitor No...Not yet...but i'm on IT....
  40. arune src/ is where I'm looking right now
  41. arune but I will probably stop look in 5 mins when my child wakes up
  42. arune prepare_emoticons_menu
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  44. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8185 (Crash on Cyrillic message processing) updated I think you are right about that. See what I got: 15/12/2015 12:19:56 (W) nbxmpp.dispatcher_nb: Unknown stanza: error restoring chat from 15/12/2015 12:46:23 днес пращал ли си мейли? Apart from this error nothing interesting. Everything looks decoded correctly.
  45. Asterix tmolitor: thanks for the smack pathes. Just a note: there is a trac for python-nbxmpp developpment:
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  47. arune tmolitor, I tried making the emoji-selection popup larger, that made it easier to select the right emoji!
  48. tmolitor Arune: okay...I'll fix the sorting tomorrow...