Gajim - 2015-12-15

  1. ruben has an issue with https? " uses an invalid security certificate."
  2. Link Mauve Asterix is in the process of moving to Let’s Encrypt, but AFAIK he only did the main domain for now.
  3. ruben Ah, I see. It's been like that for a few hours now. I'll try again later, thanks.
  4. kalkin Asterix: You can now try the omemo plugin if you like
  5. kalkin You just need to apply a small patch to gajim. It is documented
  6. kalkin Without this small patch i do not get the needed pep events
  7. Johannes Sounds interesting
  8. kalkin yeah also: trust on first use. there is no authentification at all, but hey it's not different than what whatsapp is doing :-/
  9. arune cool work kalkin
  10. spicewiesel Yes, thx kalkin, will test it tomorrow
  11. kalkin arune: thanks inputmice/daniel paired up with me for it
  12. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15889:44024cd39584]: don't try to use GUPnP-IGD when we use an IPv6 address don't try to use GUPnP-IGD when we use an IPv6 address
  13. tmolitor asterix: there seems to be some race condition in the mam code...sometimes I get duplicate messages in my message history (and in the chat view when I close and reopen the window)...