Gajim - 2015-12-14

  1. kalkin Is there some standard way to show an Lock Icon or something simmilar in gajim next to a message?
  2. kalkin I need to indicate that a message is an encrypted message
  3. 0xAFFE kalkin, the otr plugin does that
  4. kalkin 0xAFFE: well it does not use any standatised way of doing it
  5. 0xAFFE oh ok
  6. kalkin fun thing also omemo depends on pycryptodome which provides AES GCM, but E2E and OTR use pycrypto
  7. kalkin but namespaces of pycryptdome overwrite of the pycrypto, and are not backward compatible
  8. kalkin *sigh*
  9. Link Mauve Can plugins actually mess with each other? :/
  10. kalkin Link Mauve: not plugins but python modules
  11. Link Mauve Ah, by namespace you mean root package name.
  12. kalkin Also for some reason E2E and GPG(?) are not plugins
  13. kalkin there is a lot ugly hardcoded stuff for it
  14. 0xAFFE yeah, would be nice if e2e and gpg would be plugins, as I dont need them and at least e2e can annoy me, when it runs at the same time as otr
  15. Johannes Sounds like there is some space for refactoring in Gajim...
  16. kalkin Johannes: yeah, but you need to have deep understanding of gajim for that
  17. kalkin which is not easy to get
  18. kalkin 0xAFFE: we just found out that you can deactivate it via advanced config editor
  19. kalkin you can disable essesions and essessions_autonegotiation
  20. 0xAFFE kalkin, yeah, but I forget it some times especialy if I have a new account and if it were a plugin I could opt in
  21. Asterix they were in Gajim before we got the plugin system ...
  22. Link Mauve LaTeX support was in the same case. :p
  23. kalkin Asterix: ahh, i see.
  24. kalkin Asterix: what is the current development goald of gajim? is there some kind of global road map?
  25. spicewiesel Does anyone know if there is someone already working on an omemo plugin?
  26. Asterix Link Mauve: indeed, and I switch it to a plugin. It was fast and easy, I had more time than I have now ...
  27. Asterix kalkin: mainly release a GTK4 version
  28. Link Mauve Yeah, I know.
  29. Asterix spicewiesel: yes
  30. kalkin Asterix: btw figured out the error you were having. pycrypto breaks with current setup tools
  31. Asterix I installed everything with apt-get
  32. kalkin Asterix: yes, i was using an api marked as non stable
  33. Asterix ok
  34. kalkin Asterix: pycrypto is pretty old and does not have aes gcm as part of the stable api
  35. spicewiesel Damn cool, are there any details? Gitlab/github project, page, with details on the progress?
  36. Asterix spicewiesel: kalkin is working on it. It's work in progress for the moment
  37. kalkin pycryptodome should be the better pycrypto api, but it breaks E2E and OTR, also you can not install pycrypto together with pycryptodome
  38. spicewiesel Asterix: thx
  39. kalkin daniel is also on it
  40. kalkin not sure if you can force all users to install pycryptodome and it could break their other applications
  41. Asterix sad that 2 python modules break each other !!
  42. kalkin spicewiesel: well message sending/receiving with trust on first use is working
  43. spicewiesel Nice
  44. spicewiesel Good to hear
  45. daniel Asterix: when receiving a file using jingle gajim never sends the termination
  46. daniel Meaning the other client doesn't know if the file was actually received
  47. daniel Other client being conversations in that case
  48. Asterix hmmm ok
  49. jjaque hello its my first time
  50. jjaque hi to everybody
  51. daniel Asterix: oh and it doesn't seem to close the socket? Maybe it doesn't realize the transfer is over?
  52. jjaque somebody knows how to add a machine installed with ubuntu 14.4 to an active directory?
  53. Asterix daniel: jingle FT is brocken in the GTK3 branch. I'll try to think about your remarks when I'll look at it
  54. jjaque thanks
  55. daniel I wonder how this works gajim to gajim. How does the sending client know that the receiving client is done receiving
  56. Asterix because we have finished sending :)