Gajim - 2015-12-10

  1. kalkin Is there some documentation on how to write plugins for Hakim?
  2. kalkin Gajim
  3. kalkin All I found is old stuff from gsoc. W
  4. arune kalkin: docuwhat? ☺ there's a bunch of plugins you could learn from ☺
  5. kalkin arune: seriosly? Nothing wrong with reading the source code, but it is easier if it is documented somewhere how to write a good plugin
  6. arune kalkin: I don't actually know, I did not find much when I looked
  7. kalkin arune: Lol same here. I also looked and found not much😊
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  9. office 我知道了
  10. office <p>bot 对不起,无法打开此<a href=''>链接</a></p>