Gajim - 2015-12-01

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8198 (Invite menu disabled for non-online contacts) created Bug description When a contact is offline/unknown Gajim disables the "invite to" context menu item, even though invites can still be delivered as any other message would be. Steps to reproduce Right click non-online contact. Notice that "invite to" is disabled.
  2. singpolyma Is there a way to disable showing presence changes inline in 1:1 chats on Gajim?
  3. Link Mauve Asterix: it seems the new file isn’t used, but I couldn’t manage to get it compiled correctly, could you look at that? :/
  4. Asterix singpolyma: yes, look for print_status_in_chat in advanced configuration editor
  5. Asterix Link Mauve: new? why new?
  6. singpolyma Asterix: thanks!
  7. Asterix Link Mauve: ho yes, ok. But I have absolutly no idea how those thing work. I don't remember where this commit comes from, but not from me.
  8. Jef hg blame
  9. Asterix I did the commit ...
  10. Jef :-P
  11. Asterix HAHA :
  12. Asterix
  13. Link Mauve Asterix, yes, I provided the file. :)
  14. Link Mauve It seems I wasn’t better with your build system back then. :p
  15. Asterix you mean the .in is not installed on system when doind make install?
  16. Asterix indeed it's not in the
  17. Link Mauve The .in shouldn’t, it’s expected to get compiled into a .desktop.
  18. Asterix yes but only the gajim.desktop is handled by the Makefile
  19. Link Mauve Oh.
  20. Link Mauve That’s why we still can’t click on xmpp: links after having installed Gajim.
  21. 007 Hi Owner
  22. 007 Hi Link
  23. Asterix Hi Mauve :)
  24. 007 How are you guys ?
  25. 007 What are the plans for NEw yEAR ?
  26. Link Mauve Closing the borders, putting foreigners in custody, fun stuff like that.
  27. 007 :p
  28. Link Mauve Thankfully I already emigrated.
  29. Jef where to?
  30. 007 Sorry to say that "More Muslims more trouble" :) :D
  31. Link Mauve Jef, England.
  32. Jef which part?
  33. Asterix hmmm political and racial purpose are not welcome here ...
  34. Link Mauve Jef, the Cambs one.
  35. 007 ok, Owner sorry...
  36. Jef Cambridgeshire?
  37. Link Mauve Yep. :)
  38. 007 Secular ppl (a)
  39. Jef you know Matthew lives in the UK. And in London they do a xmpp meetup in the Mozilla ofices
  40. Link Mauve Oh, when is that?
  41. Jef
  42. Link Mauve I often wisited their office in Paris when I lived around there.
  43. Jef Moz spaces are great
  44. SouL Awesome
  45. Link Mauve Oh, those ones are long past.
  46. Jef yea, but they will make new ones. They like to do then when people are in town. The one I attened had Matthew Miller and Saint Peter
  47. Link Mauve :)
  48. Link Mauve I live at 50 minutes from London by train, I can go there pretty much whenever I want.
  49. Link Mauve So count me in for the next one.
  50. 007 awesome
  51. Asterix Link Mauve:
  52. Link Mauve Thanks!
  53. Link Mauve Oh, gajim_0.16.
  54. Asterix now desktop file is installed, but I don't know if it works
  55. Link Mauve The best way is to click on an xmpp: link.
  56. Asterix yes, same commit will be applied to default when I'll merge
  57. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15867:9633f40c8c9e]: correctly install gajim-remote.desktop file. correctly install gajim-remote.desktop file.
  58. Link Mauve \o/