Gajim - 2015-11-30

  1. Link Mauve Asterix, what do you think about moving the SASL ANONYMOUS support from the “I already have an account I want to use” to the very first screen of the account creation, as a third radio button?
  2. Link Mauve Something like “I don’t want to use an account”.
  3. Asterix hmm yes good idea
  4. Asterix and next step is to choose a server only?
  5. Link Mauve I think a better UI wouldn’t force the user to choose a server, for example picking a random one amongst a list at each connection.
  6. Link Mauve But it should still allow an advanced user to pick the one(s) they want to use.
  7. Link Mauve Basically, I think the UI there should be as simple as possible.
  8. Asterix a comboboxtext with a randomly choosen one
  9. Link Mauve Or a comboboxtext with “use a random server” preselected, and a list of other servers.
  10. Link Mauve The default would pick a random one at each connection.
  11. Link Mauve And the user would still be able to specify their own.
  12. Asterix that's nearly the same, but yes, why not
  13. Link Mauve Except they wouldn’t be stuck with a single anonymous server until they create another “account”.
  14. Asterix ha on each connection
  15. Asterix yes even better :)
  16. Link Mauve And retrying another on failure.
  17. Link Mauve (Within reason.)
  18. Asterix that's more work, but needed ...
  19. Asterix now the list .. hardcoded in sources?
  20. Link Mauve Maybe configurable in the ACE?
  21. Link Mauve How is the current list of servers done?
  22. Asterix a xml file in our sources
  23. Asterix only server address in this file. We could maybe add a is_anonymous tag to share the same file
  24. Link Mauve Yeah.