Gajim - 2015-11-27

  1. spicewiesel arune, last message correction only works while sending in Gajim for me and a friend :)
  2. spicewiesel I see my own message corrected, but he just sees 2 lines, original and corrected message. Same vice versa
  3. Link Mauve spicewiesel, a possible cause would be to use’s MUC server.
  4. Link Mauve They rewrite the id of the message before broadcasting it to the other participants.
  5. spicewiesel I am on my own muc
  6. spicewiesel or 1to1 chat
  7. Link Mauve That shouldn’t happen then.
  8. Link Mauve Both on Gajim 0.16.4?
  9. spicewiesel Yes, I think so.
  10. Link Mauve I don’t know then, the output of the XML console would be helpful.
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