Gajim - 2015-11-25

  1. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8185 (Crash on Cyrillic message processing) updated Affirmative, I can reproduce this every time without an exception. I can think of 2 more things that might be problematic (in theory): default language/system locale in Windows or some Prosody module that is loaded. Do these sound like probable root cause to you? If you use Prosody please share the non-sensitive part of the config to compare.
  2. whrowan I have been looking at working with jeti. Can anyone tell me the status of that project? It seems to be well-done, and people are downloading it, but support seems nonexistant and I worry about major bugs in it.
  3. Link Mauve Ow, according to Wikipedia its last release was 8 years ago, it’s likely abandonned by now.
  4. whrowan Thank you, Link Mauve, that is basically what I am worrying about. And I just ran into a bug, I minimized it and it froze up and I had to log off to clear the problem.
  5. Link Mauve I haven’t heard this name in a long time, you are the first one to want to resurrect it in the past at least five years.
  6. Link Mauve *that I hear about
  7. whrowan Eric Deboer, who wrote it, has been on the sourceforge site at that project in the last year. But none of the links seem to work.
  8. whrowan Forgive me, it is off-topic. This is the room for gajim.
  9. Link Mauve The only maintained Java client I know of is Jitsi.
  10. Link Mauve But why do you go for Java?
  11. whrowan I like java.
  12. Link Mauve Weird taste. :p
  13. whrowan To each his own, I guess.
  14. whrowan I know it better than python, that's for sure.
  15. Link Mauve Anyway, you may want to contribute to Jitsi, if you want a more maintained Java client.
  16. whrowan Thanks, that sounds like a very good suggestion.
  17. whrowan What are you up to?
  18. Link Mauve I personally use poezio, not Gajim. ^^
  19. whrowan Yes, I remember now. Are you working on enhancing it?
  20. Link Mauve Somewhat, my main issue with it is that it is slow on my slow computer, so I’ve been trying to improve that a bit.
  21. whrowan I see.
  22. whrowan Link Mauve, how would I send a message to you? I don't know what your jid would be.
  23. Link Mauve On Gajim, you can double-click on my name in the right part of your window, it will open a private chat with me.
  24. Link Mauve You could also ask me for my JID, either here or in private.
  25. Link Mauve Then, I could either give it to you or not, with or without a reason.
  26. Link Mauve At which point we may or may not continue to talk.
  27. whrowan Oh, thanks. That seems very useful.
  28. Link Mauve :D
  29. Link Mauve Also, any message you send in this room is technically sent to me. ^^
  30. _dmar_ "stp انـضـم" - "stp انـضـم" - (C)
  31. rbj (sorry, a bit off-topic) gmail seems to be serving me a * certificate
  32. Link Mauve rbj, there is nothing you can do if your server sends you an invalid certificate, except verify it and force-accept it.
  33. rbj Yea, I was just wondering if anyone was seeing the same :)
  34. Link Mauve I don’t think many people are still using gmail, as they don’t federate anymore.
  35. Flow rbj: gmail? as in
  36. rbj Ah, I'm using
  37. Flow that's a redirect for me
  38. rbj Flow, are you in the UK?
  39. Flow rbj: Nope, germany
  40. rbj Hm, it seems to be working again now. Thanks
  41. spicewiesel how can I use the last message correction?
  42. arune spicewiesel, press ctrl+up
  43. spicewiesel ah, thx
  44. spicewiesel ah, thx!
  45. spicewiesel nice ;)
  46. arune This is how it looks in conversations without last message correction:
  47. arune
  48. arune Ehm, I got kicked from this muc when sending an image URL, was it received in the muc?
  49. mathieui yes
  50. spicewiesel arune, it seems conversations does not handle it
  51. Link Mauve arune, you could ask the developers of your client to implement it, it should be pretty easy.
  52. Link Mauve Or do it yourself, implementing the XEP-308 in poezio was one of my first contributions to it.
  53. arune Link Mauve: there is an issue in the tracker
  54. spicewiesel arune, may I use your screenshot for the Conversations github isseu
  55. arune Sure, but this is already known
  56. spicewiesel ah okay
  57. spicewiesel I wanted to search for a related issue right now