Gajim - 2015-11-24

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  5. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8194 ("JID must contain at least domain name" popup) updated Status changed It is linked with carbons. Could you open XML console and show me the XML that causes the issue? It seems you get a message without a to attribute.
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  8. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8180 (Regular exceptions on Windows when wifi reconnects) updated could you open XML console to see what stanza triggers that error?
  9. Gurke erm...hi, I have a question about how language in gajim under windows 10 works. system user interface language is English, system region is configured to german (austria), system location is configured to austria. gajim GUI suddenly is a mix of german and english parts
  10. Gurke i checked, it should be translated...some other strings are also untranslated
  11. Gurke it doesn't bother me too much, just...why?
  12. Link Mauve Gurke, most likely nobody speaking German has sent any translation for those strings.
  13. Link Mauve See
  14. Link Mauve About 350 strings are untranslated.
  15. Link Mauve Only fr, uk, it and ja are fully translated.
  16. Gurke according to but both msgids in the screenshots are translated. one is very wrong, but that's a seperate topic
  17. Gurke -but
  18. Link Mauve If there is a #, fuzzy tag, it means the original string changed and should be translated again.
  19. Gurke i see
  20. Link Mauve So you then translate correctly the new msgid in the msgstr, and remove the fuzzy tag.
  21. Gurke so the fuzzy tag deactivates translation and shows the original?
  22. Link Mauve Yes.
  23. Gurke why is it in german anyway?
  24. Link Mauve Because your system is, so Gajim’s translation system automatically switches to that language.
  25. Link Mauve It’s gettext.
  26. Gurke no, it isn't; the system user interface is english
  27. Link Mauve Oh?
  28. Gurke and Windows 10
  29. Link Mauve I don’t know how it’s done on Windows; on Linux it uses the LC_* and LANG environment variables.
  30. Link Mauve I won’t be able to help you there.
  31. Gurke yeah, windows doesn't have those, hence my stubborn interest :)
  32. Gurke i'll just wait, someone will know.
  33. Link Mauve I’m not sure many people use Windows here.
  34. Gurke any other suggestions where I can ask how gajim decides this?
  35. Link Mauve Look at how gettext works on Windows.
  36. Gurke
  37. Link Mauve This is just a wrapper around the gettext library.
  38. Link Mauve … I think.
  39. Link Mauve Actually no, it isn’t.
  40. Gurke a friend of mine just reproduced it
  41. Gurke windows 10, installed gajim via installer, chose english in the dropdown menu. installed all language packs. opens gajim - it's german.
  42. Link Mauve The dropdown menu?
  43. Link Mauve AFAIK there is no such thing in Gajim.
  44. Gurke installer for windows
  45. Link Mauve It’s to the OS to provide some sane environment variables to applications.
  46. Link Mauve Ah, I never tried this one, but it’s likely just for the installation step.
  47. Gurke yes
  48. Gurke python is a unicode application, no?
  49. Gurke because I MIGHT just have found the problem
  50. Link Mauve You can use Unicode in Python, yeah.
  51. Link Mauve Just prefix your strings with u, like u'that'.
  52. Gurke
  53. Link Mauve Ugh, that’s terrible…
  54. Link Mauve Good luck getting Python fixed.
  55. Gurke See, this is why non-programmers like me should never start asking questions :D
  56. Gurke but thank you! now I know and hey, at least I know who to tell
  57. Gurke good bye
  58. Link Mauve Maybe there could be a workaround in Gajim on Windows.
  59. Link Mauve You could try other localized Python applications first.
  60. Gurke i will.