Gajim - 2015-11-21

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  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8139 (Gajim fails to minimize on startup) closed worksforme: Indeed Gajim restores opened chat windows on startup. But in one window mode, we can't restore chat windows without roster … De-activate 'remember_opened_chat_controls' option in advanced configuration editor and they won't be restored.
  3. arune Johannes: I'd rather have the application name of different clients
  4. arune Oh, I'm in the wrong channel, gajim may already have this
  5. I'm trying to get carbons + OTR to work. Individually they work fine, but once I enable OTR, I no longer get carbons. Is that expected?
  6. Dave Cridland, OTR doesn't work with Carbons; the crypto would break I think.
  7. Link Mauve, yes, because OTR only targets a single resource.
  8. Link Mauve If your other client received the message it wouldn’t be able to decrypt it.
  9. hmm, that's unfortunate; I want to understand why that is though. I'm not very familiar with how carbons work, but I think it's the recipient's choice, right? Does the receiving resource send the received message to the other resources of the JID?
  10. because if that is so, it could do that in an OTR session with those, couldn't it?
  11. Link Mauve OTR works in a way that you need the previous message to decrypt the current one, and obviously you also need an initial key.
  12. Link Mauve There is no mechanism to synchronize the initial key between two resources, and if one or the other missed even one message, by disconnecting for even a short while, it couldn’t continue to decrypt the conversation anymore.
  13. hmm, OK. Is there an XEP that aims to solve this somehow, using a different scheme?
  14. Dave Cridland There's currently two proposals; one based on OMEMO/Axolotl, which is awkward because it has no specification (just a single GPL library). The other is a design by some fairly experienced crypto guys within the IETF.
  15. OK, thanks for the infos!