Gajim - 2015-11-18

  1. Link Mauve whrowan, when it’s installed, just change your locale and it should be fine.
  2. whrowan Thanks, Link Mauve!
  3. whrowan Hey h'all
  4. whrowan I mean, hey, Y'all
  5. Johannes "Paris Attacks Blamed on Strong Cryptography and Edward Snowden" Well, that didn't take long: As Paris reels from terrorist attacks that have claimed at least 128 lives, fierce blame for the carnage is being directed toward American whistleblower Edward Snowden an…
  6. Johannes Well, not exactly the right window, but it is interesting nevertheless
  7. mive On Telegram there is something like groups, whenever someone writes in those groups you get notified. I created an channel in xmpp, i would like to use it in the same way. I understand that channels are more like IRC channels but I wondered if there is the possibility to show in Gajim a notification for channels in which have been written messages while i was offline
  8. mive Hope this is phrazed in a way that you can understand it..
  9. Flow mive: While you are offline: No. But there is a new XEP in the works that will support what I call "persistent groupchats", i.e. groupchats which are decoupled from the users availability state.
  10. mive well i mean, when i go online again, i see a notifcation about all the messages that got send to the channel while i was offline
  11. mive Flow, which XEP is that? and is there any information when it will be ready?
  12. Flow mive: As always in open source world, there is no ETA and if someone mentions you one, it will very likely be wrong.
  13. Link Mauve mive, there is also XEP-0313 which allows a MUC to keep the logs, and clients to request them.
  14. mive Link Mauve, yes i enabled this. and I can view old messages. it's just: I am in multiple channels and I would like to get notified once I sign in, in which channels are new messgages
  15. mive there are some channels like this, where i am not interested in old messages because there is a lot of traffic. but i am also in some private channels where i am interested in updates
  16. Link Mauve You’ll have to modify Gajim so that it queries the logs in every room on your connection.
  17. mive I thought probably this scenario is what other people have too, that's why I came here to find out if that option already exists somewhere :)
  18. mive I am not sure my python skills are good enough to create such an option in the menu and make Gajim work like this :)
  19. Flow mive: I don't think so, but I'd also like to have it. Do you want to contribute?
  20. mive Anyways, Flow thanks for that link, nice XEP seems exactly what I am looking for
  21. Flow mive: It's not about python and xmpp skills, it's about the time and effort you want to invest in :)
  22. Flow everything else can be tought
  23. mive I think I should get better at programming because having XEPs is nice, but I also need clients who support what I need :) So maybe I should take part in it
  24. Flow the XMPP community is sure missing developers/implementors
  25. mive I am willing to help
  26. Flow We have the XEPs but not the clients :)
  27. mive I also have limited time but I think I can contribute some hours to it. I am only worried about my limited knowledge about all this:)
  28. Link Mauve We can fill you in, with knowledge. :)
  29. Link Mauve Just ask anything you want.
  30. mive Alright, I know the basics of python, but just the basics. But probably I can pick more up on the way. But how much do I need to know about XMPP? I started xmpp - the definitive guide, but didnt read much yet.
  31. Link Mauve Hmm, for this task (implementing MAM MUC), I’d say you only need to understand the basics of MUC, how it fits together, and how to query the MAM archive.
  32. Link Mauve You also likely want to talk with Asterix, as he’s the one who knows Gajim’s code the best.
  33. Link Mauve You will obviously need a server with support for MAM MUC, look at Prosody’s mod_muc_mam, in prosody-modules.
  34. mive yes I already have a prosody server
  35. mive Okay I will try to read a little bit into it
  36. mive Hmm I also need to know about GTK if I want to add that option in the preferences it seems
  37. Link Mauve I’d say not to bother with an option for now, before you have the basic feature working.
  38. mive Right, ok
  39. mive I will read a bit in and get back to you when I feel more ready :)
  40. Link Mauve I can help you with most XMPP things, but I don’t know Gajim’s code.
  41. Link Mauve Also, you may want that to be a plugin.
  42. mive Thank you Link Mauve, I will definitely come back to that
  43. Flow mive: You also want to skim over rfc6120 and rfc6121
  44. mive Ok
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