Gajim - 2015-11-17

  1. whrowan How hard is it to do gajim development on Windows 7?
  2. whrowan By the way, I am using gajim now. But I wonder if it is going to be necessary for me to install Linux or something.
  3. arune whrowan: there are instructions for building and packaging for windows on the wiki
  4. whrowan Thanks.
  5. whrowan Hello Link Mauve, I saw you in the Conversations conference.
  6. Link Mauve Yes, I am there as well.
  7. whrowan What are you working on? I am interested in mathml.
  8. Link Mauve I’m still at work, and currently working on LibreOffice Impress.
  9. Link Mauve In XMPP land, my current work goes towards poezio.
  10. Link Mauve I use neither Gajim nor Conversations. ^^'
  11. mathieui Link Mauve, please finish the cython stuff
  12. Link Mauve mathieui, that’s planned, I did some fixes on Sunday, but it still isn’t really usable.
  13. Link Mauve I guess I’ll just make you merge it chunk by chunk.
  14. Link Mauve That’s where tests would be so useful…
  15. Link Mauve whrowan, which kind of MathML support would you want to add? Gajim already has a LaTeX and a Lilypond plugins, but both generate a PNG which is less than optimal.
  16. whrowan I wat thinking, just having mathml elements rendered into something nice
  17. Link Mauve If you have any way to generate a PNG from a MathML formula, you could use the same way as the LaTeX plugin.
  18. whrowan good idea
  19. whrowan I thought I might look at mathjax if their code is open to perusal
  20. Link Mauve This one is a JS implementation, it might not be the easiest thing ever to integrate into a Python program.
  21. Link Mauve It also relies on HTML and CSS support, which Gajim doesn’t have.
  22. Link Mauve Well, it does, only what is needed to support XHTML-IM (XEP-0071).
  23. Link Mauve Btw, what is your usecase?
  24. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8192 (PulseAudio: play as "system sound") created Bug description When paplay is used as soundplayer, event volume is hard to regulate. The master volume can be used, that's often not desired; the gajim audio source shows up on the pavuctrl volume control, but too briefly (only during the sound) to actually change the volume. paplay takes a --property option to set metadata on the sound to be played. --property=media.role=event declares […][…]
  25. whrowan I am on Windows, but I would like to have a solution for multiple platforms. Then I could open a math-oriented chatroom.
  26. Link Mauve That’s a great idea. :)
  27. whrowan I have been thinking about it for years, and I am not the first one to think about it. A Chinese guy wrote a master's theseis about it in 2007.
  28. Link Mauve Oh really?
  29. whrowan But there doesn't seem to be anything really in use.
  30. Link Mauve Is it in English and available somewhere?
  31. whrowan See - I didn't download it so I don't know if it is in English
  32. Link Mauve Price US$29.8
  33. Link Mauve Yeah, nope…
  34. Link Mauve Also, Version zh-cn
  35. whrowan That leaves me out. I don't know Chinese
  36. Link Mauve You could contact that author, to know what they came up with.
  37. whrowan Good idea
  38. whrowan I looked up Lilypond - cool! My sister will be interested, she is a composer
  39. narcode :)
  40. whrowan Well, nice chatting, but I have to go. See you again.
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  42. Link Mauve Asterix, I’d suggest changing the startswith('127') test with startswith('127.'), in the very unlikely case it wouldn’t be an IPv4.
  43. Asterix Link Mauve: ok done thx
  44. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8192 (PulseAudio: play as "system sound") updated "-n gajim" option is not enough? If not, then is it useful at all? • Changeset [15855:08e4601567a8]: better detection of local IPs. See #8191 better detection of local IPs. See #8191
  45. whrowan Hi, I am using the Hebrew version of gajim.
  46. whrowan Is there a version of gajim that actually uses the Hebrew writing system? Right-to-left, etc?