Gajim - 2015-11-11

  1. arune mive: if you start gajim from a terminal under linux you get the log there
  2. arune If you Google for gajim logging you'll find a page with options for logging
  3. mive Alright, thanks
  4. mive I had in mind a log window, but maybe I confused it with another program
  5. arune mive: there's an XML window
  6. arune For raw XML communication
  7. LordVan hi
  8. LordVan got a question: do addons check for new enough version of gajim/pygtk/.. (on windows)
  9. LordVan because since some recent addon / plugin updates i occasionally get errors about some gtk.Event or something like that (i forgot what exactly)
  10. LordVan and i was thinking maybe that is because i forgot to update gajim itself
  11. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8185 (Crash on Cyrillic message processing) created Bug description Gajim crashes whenever I try to send a message in Bulgarian. I'm using the built-in Bulgarian Traditional Phonetic keyboard in Win 7 and system locale is set to Bulgarian (Cyrillic). Problem also occurs when Cyrillic messages are fetched from the server (Prosody 0.10 latest trunk) and Gajim tries to visualize them in the chat window. No issues experienced in Ubuntu with […][…]
  12. arune LordVan: using the URL image preview plugin? Then yes, you need 0.16.4
  13. LordVan arune, i thought so
  14. LordVan do plugins not have a minimum version check or something?
  15. arune The plugin should not be able to update though
  16. arune Min version is set to 0.16.4
  17. LordVan well it did
  18. LordVan I have url image preview plugin version 0.6.4
  19. LordVan installed on 0.16 on windows
  20. arune Upgrade gajim then
  21. arune But you could report an issue to plugin manager if you can reproduce
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