Gajim - 2015-11-02

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  2. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8176 (Gjim didn't recognize PyOpenSSL installed) created Bug description I'm receiving a message that claims I need to have PyOpenSSL installed which is false. Here is a message (in Polish): Zamierzasz wysłać hasło wykorzystując niezabezpieczone połączenie. Powinieneś zainstalować PyOpenSSL by temu zapobiec. Czy jesteś pewien? Steps to reproduce Install current stable version of Gajim. Run the application[…]
  3. tmolitor it did it again!!! my gajim replays all messages I send the last couple of hours as soon as it reconnects to a server with stream management (smacks) enabled!!! that's more than annoying!!
  4. tmolitor 5 times about 180 messages in 4 chats....
  5. tmolitor asterix: we should fix this as soon as possible!!
  6. Link Mauve tmolitor, add more debugging to the message you found the other day.
  7. Link Mauve You are the only person I’ve ever seen reproducing this bug.
  8. tmolitor that's just happened on two servers (my own and one I don't control)...
  9. tmolitor I'm running 0.16.4-f97e0bf41644 btw...
  10. tmolitor even the ping stanzas got replayed...
  11. tmolitor and this time I did not use the xml console...
  12. tmolitor Link Mauve, asterix: this time it happened without me using the xml console....I don't know if it has to to with the error message I posted last time, because I reopened gajim a few days ago and I forgot to activate the debug output...
  13. Link Mauve XML console and debug are highly unlikely to affect 198.
  14. Holger I didn't check the code but I thought the debug console theory sounded plausible.
  15. Holger s/debug/XML/. In order to *not* break 0198, Gajim must parse the input from the XML console as opposed to just forwarding it, in order to count the number of stanzas.
  16. Link Mauve Oh, it doesn’t do that always?
  17. tmolitor Link Mauve, yes, debug doesn't change anything, but I don't know if the message I posted a few days ago popped up this time (the one with stanza count missmatch)...because I forgot to activate the debug output...that was my point ;)
  18. tmolitor Link Mauve, Holger: I don't know...but this time I did *not* use the xml console at all and it happened anyway....
  19. Link Mauve tmolitor, this message, add the current client count and server count to it, so you can do more than just guessing the real issue.
  20. tmolitor Link Mauve, I'll try...but I don't know if this message will appear this time...
  21. tmolitor Link Mauve, okay...the message appeared this time, too...I'll add some debug output :)
  22. tmolitor Link Mauve, okay...the message appeared this time, too...I'll add some debug output :)
  23. tmolitor Link Mauve, okay...the message appeared this time, too...I'll add some debug output :)
  24. tmolitor Link Mauve, asterix: its an off by one error: 02.11.2015 15:37:33 (E) nbxmpp.smacks Server and client number of stanzas handled mismatch (self.out_h [73] - h [74] = diff [-1] ; len(self.uqueue) [0])
  25. tmolitor asterix: I fixed it for me by adding this in line 105: if diff < 0: log.error('Server and client number of stanzas handled mismatch (server acked more stanzas than sent, difference: %d)' % diff) self.out_h = h diff = 0
  26. tmolitor in nbxmpp...
  27. tmolitor i think this way gajim is generally more robust against such mismatching...I still don't know if this off by one error is an error on the server side (prosody in my case) this one helps to be more robust against server failures where i is safe to ignore the mismatch (because the server must have received all messages when he has a count bigger than our own --> resetting our count to the server one should be safe in this case)...
  28. Link Mauve tmolitor, you should talk with the Prosody people about that.
  29. tmolitor yes, but nontheless my fix is something that makes gajim more robust and in my opinion it should be added to gajim...but that is for asterix to decide...
  30. Holger "the server must have received all messages when he has a count bigger than our own" doesn't sound like a safe assumption :-)
  31. Holger I don't think you can make any sane assumption at all in that case.
  32. Link Mauve This instead looks like a counting bug, get a trace from both the client and the server and compare the value for each stanza.
  33. Link Mauve One of them is likely broken.
  34. arune tmolitor: are you running an updated prosody mod smacks? There was these issues earlier with mismatches
  35. tmolitor Arune: yes, my prosody Server and its modules are automatically updated every night ...
  36. tmolitor Holger: why Not?
  37. arune tmolitor: are they reloaded also?
  38. tmolitor arune: yes
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