Gajim - 2015-11-01

  1. arune does gajim support muc mam?
  2. arune it does not
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  4. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8176 (Gjim didn't recognize PyOpenSSL installed) created Bug description I'm receiving a message that claims I need to have PyOpenSSL installed which is false. Here is a message (in Polish): Zamierzasz wysłać hasło wykorzystując niezabezpieczone połączenie. Powinieneś zainstalować PyOpenSSL by temu zapobiec. Czy jesteś pewien? Steps to reproduce Install current stable version of Gajim. Run the application[…]
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  6. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8176 (Gjim didn't recognize PyOpenSSL installed) closed worksforme: We do handle import error correctly. PyOpenSSL is not available, that's what message tells.
  7. mive Hi
  8. mive I have a question. My server suppports MAM, but when logging in with Gajim I cant scroll up and see what I wrote some hours ago on Conversations
  9. mive But all the messages should be on the server, doesnt Gajim pull them down but only use own/local logs?
  10. mive i also have carbons on the server
  11. arune mive: I think you only can see mam messages in the calendar view, the history thing
  12. arune Also gajim does not support muc mam
  13. arune But if gajim is running the it gets messages with carbons
  14. mive no, most of the time I only use conversations only when my PC is off
  15. mive let me see if those messages are in the calendar
  16. mive for real, there it is :) thats nice
  17. mive is muc mam another XEP or why does it not support it? (just curios, its not like i need that actually)
  18. mive Thank you arune
  19. mive Another thing I wonderd: Is it possible to "minimize" mucs into the window where the contacts are? then my desktop would look cleaner
  20. arune mive: see this issue
  21. arune Sure
  22. arune Right click the tab, select minimize on close
  23. mive arune, so it is planned but not yet started to work on it?
  24. mive Oh thats great, thanks for that again arune