Gajim - 2015-10-25

  1. mt tmolitor: yep, that did trick! final trace if you need it:
  2. Johannes Asterix: So I've been given access to the Gajim org on GitHub someone created and would want to mirror the official repos there. I'd further want to add a link to the original repo and web site there and the Gajim-Logo as the orgs Logo. Would you be ok with that?
  3. Johannes Some others in this channel seem to find it an acceptable idea too that might generate more visibility or contributions...
  4. Asterix yes why not, as long as it's quite clear that it's not the official repos
  5. Holger The thing with GitHub is that you cannot disable PRs. I tend to push such mirrors to other hosters (e.g. for that reason.
  6. Holger But yes, it will be more easily found on GitHub.
  7. Holger You just might have to close/redirect PRs every now and then.
  8. Johannes Someone here suggested to sync the issues as well, he even found a link to some tooling
  9. Holger That works in both directions?
  10. Asterix please don't do that I don't want an automated tool that I don't manage to create tickets on trac
  11. Holger I also don't really see the point, TBH (except that I see some value in not having to create an account to post tickets).
  12. Holger I see a point in having a Git mirror for those who prefer Git.
  13. Holger But it just doesn't matter where you post/discuss tickets.
  14. Johannes I guess starting with a Git-Repo might be nice enough
  15. Johannes Let's see if there will be any pull request activity at all
  16. Johannes Maybe this "protected branch" feature could be nice where you can execute a number of tests against the pull request, e.g. some unit or integration test suite, packaging tests, code quality or the likes
  17. Johannes So one can assess the quality of the PRs a bit easier
  18. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8057 (No Support for Unicode Emoticons (U+1F601 — U+1F64F)) updated If you want to have a try, here is a ​pre-pre-alpha1 version of a windows installer.
  19. Johannes is there an SVG or something similar of the Gajim! icon?
  20. Johannes
  21. Johannes found it
  22. Asterix
  23. Johannes I've added the icon and an explanatory notice:
  24. Asterix the clone is not uptodate
  25. 007 hey Owner
  26. 007 I have a Question, What is the uses of priority if i set it zero or 100 ???
  27. 007 I am unable to send any mesage in room
  28. Link Mauve The priority doesn’t matter to rooms.
  29. Johannes Asterix: that is correct, that is why it says "(currently updating the mirroring)"
  30. Asterix ok
  31. 007 then ?
  32. Asterix 007: for normal chats, it's an indication of where you want to receive messages. Normally a server will send messages sent to your bare JID to the resource with the highest piority
  33. Asterix 0 means you don't want to receive messages
  34. 007 aha
  35. 007 I got it now.
  36. 007 thanks
  37. Link Mauve No, < 0 means that.
  38. Link Mauve 0 is a normal priority.
  39. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Changeset [15846:193495212d31]: add new option to allow popup notifications when a chat control is opened. … add ne[…] • Tickets #7891,​8158 batch updated In 193495212d31910fce9a342f48fc51e8ec22a57e: add new option to allow popup notifications when a chat control is o[…],8158
  40. Asterix ho yes sorry
  41. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • HttpUploadPlugin edited Added module for ejabberd (diff)
  42. Link Mauve My rule of thumb is to set it to 0 for all of my regular clients, and -1 for bots or other test clients.
  43. Link Mauve I don’t use any other priority.
  44. 007 And what if i set -1 ?
  45. Asterix becasue you use carbons?
  46. Asterix your server will show you're online but will treat messages as if you were offline (it will keep it until you go online with a higher prio
  47. Link Mauve Asterix, I do use them when the client supports that, but otherwise setting the priority to the same value in every resource makes the server send incoming messages to all of them (just like with Carbons).
  48. Link Mauve It’s only for outgoing messages you need Carbons.
  49. 007 let me test :)
  50. Asterix Link Mauve: do all server really do that?
  51. Link Mauve I think so.
  52. 007 I am unable to set -1 , its 0 automatic
  53. 007 i have 0 to 127 only
  54. Asterix 007: look for allow_negatic_priority in advanced configuration editor
  55. 007 I am oww
  56. Asterix 007: look for enable_negative_priority in advanced configuration editor
  57. Link Mauve Asterix, “If there is more than one resource with a non-negative presence priority then the server MUST either (a) deliver the message to the "most available" resource or resources (according to the server's implementation-specific algorithm, e.g., treating the resource or resources with the highest presence priority as "most available") or (b) deliver the message to all of the non-negative resources.”
  58. Asterix it's something that's not really normal for a desktop client and can confuse users. It's why we don't allow that by default
  59. Link Mauve (Section of RFC-6121.)
  60. Link Mauve For chat messages, it replaces (b) with “(b) deliver the message to all of the non-negative resources that have opted in to receive chat messages.”, what is this opt-in?
  61. 007 Yes I got that about priority thing. but still didnt find advance config ?
  62. Asterix edit -> config -> advanced
  63. Asterix Link Mauve: "according to the server's implementation-specific algorithm" so yes probably all do that, but a server may do whatever he want
  64. Link Mauve Sure.
  65. 007 EDIT Account Profile, aviator Preference plug-in
  66. Link Mauve This sentence was probably introduced to allow Carbons.
  67. 007 there is no config option in EDIT
  68. 007 Hang ?
  69. Asterix 007: you opened advanced configuration window?
  70. 007 I didnt find it.
  71. Asterix edit -> preferences -> advanced
  72. 007 I've opened perfrnc
  73. 007 thn advance
  74. 007 now
  75. 007 yes! Advance config Editor
  76. 007 now here so many things
  77. Asterix yes, it's why there is a filter
  78. 007 now ?
  79. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8172 (plugin installation via http(s) (with proxy support)) created problem Gajim's plugin system is a very useful tool to extend it's features. But FTP is often very hard to handle, especially when there is a proxy in between (as it is in my case in our company). analysis With the (auto) acceptance of your self signed certificate, the pl[…] • Ticket #8172 (plugin installation via http[]
  80. Asterix type "priority"
  81. Asterix and at the bottom you'll see "enable_negative_priority"
  82. Asterix double click on the row to activate it
  83. 007 yes
  84. 007 activated
  85. 007 its done ?
  86. Asterix then now you cant set a negative priority for your accounts
  87. 007 ohh thanks
  88. 007 Once I've asked you how to check if some one is online and invisible and not in my friendlist, how to check.
  89. 007 <iq type="set" to="" id="62842"> <jingle xmlns="urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle" /> </iq>
  90. 007 This Is the XML to Check
  91. Asterix and what is the answer in both cases?
  92. Asterix (contact in contact list and contact not in contact list)
  93. 007 If contact is not in list i get his resource
  94. 007 that mean he is online
  95. 007 if i dont get huis resource , that mean he is offline
  96. Link Mauve Your server seems so broken…
  97. Asterix could you show me the XML you reveice?
  98. 007 sure
  99. 007 let me do it
  100. 007 <!-- Out --> <iq type="set" to="" id="007"> <jingle xmlns="urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle" /> </iq> <!-- In --> <iq from="" to=" " id="007" type="error"> <jingle xmlns="urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle"/> <error code="503" type="cancel"> <service-unavailable xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/> </error> </iq>
  101. 007 he is offline
  102. 007 <!-- Out --> <iq type="set" to="" id="007"> <jingle xmlns="urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle" /> </iq> <!-- In --> <iq from="" to=" " type="error" id="007"> <jingle xmlns="urn:xmpp:tmp:jingle"/> <error code="503" type="cancel"> <service-unavailable xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas"/> </error> </iq>
  103. 007 he is online
  104. 007 I get target resource in 2nd reply
  105. 007 He is using mobile phone.
  106. Asterix it's a bug in the server, yes. It is not supposed to send the stanza to your contact if you're not in its contact list. At least prosody don't do that
  107. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8172 (plugin installation via http(s) (with proxy support)) closed duplicate: dup of ​ticket:45
  108. 007 haha :D
  109. 007 so I am using bug for good purpose :p
  110. 007 I have some more bugs, which I've asked you 3-4 months ago.
  111. 007 And that CAPITAL ID login thing is with happening with TCP
  112. 007 while i use agsxmpp.dll It would not login MY ID in capital font
  113. 007 Gajim login with agsxmpp ? rite
  114. Asterix no we have our own library. And as I already told you, capitable JID doesn't exist in xmpp world
  115. 007 Hmm
  116. 007 So Now a days I am login my ID using agsxmpp.dll and TCP in CAPITAL font
  117. 007 with Gajim I cant
  118. 007 but with my tool I can do it
  119. 007 even miranda supports CAPITAL ID login
  120. 007 coz they are using TCP
  121. 007 andf one more thing
  122. 007 I am Unavbe to use supermenu in Linux Ubuntu and xml console
  123. Link Mauve 007, every client is using TCP to connect to the server, since XMPP relies on this protocol.
  124. 007 Unable*
  125. Link Mauve That Miranda doesn’t lowercase your JID is a bug of theirs.
  126. 007 But TCP dont take much space
  127. Link Mauve TCP is a protocol.
  128. 007 like my Application is only 50kb
  129. 007 agsxmpp takes alot space
  130. Link Mauve The bug with Ubuntu is known, there is an environment hack to fix that AFAIK.
  131. 007 what if it works normaly ?
  132. 007 why just we need to hack ?
  133. Link Mauve TCP is a protocol implemented by your kernel, your application just has less code/data than this other one, but both use TCP to communicate with the server.
  134. Link Mauve Asterix, btw, would it be possible to set that environment variable in the environment before loading Gtk, in Gajim?
  135. Link Mauve I think that would make sure it never use the top bar in Ubuntu.
  136. Link Mauve And likely much better than random menus manfunctioning in that DE.
  137. 007 It would be awsome, if i can use console with Ubunti10 and upper
  138. 007 without hacking envrmnt
  139. Johannes Well, there are other distros too
  140. Johannes SCNR
  141. 007 what is the advantage if I've Set my priority -7 ?
  142. Asterix Link Mauve: yes, it's easy to set this env variable, but I have no way to test. Any ubuntu user here that can test?
  143. Asterix 007‎: You'll appear as online for your contacts, but if they send you a message you won't receive it, as all negative priorities
  144. 007 but i am receiving messages
  145. tmolitor 007, thats possibly because you enabled message carbons (and your xmpp server supports carbons in the first place)...
  146. 007 then how to stop it ?
  147. 007 sometimes i want to stay online but dont want to recive messages
  148. Asterix 007: disable carbons?
  149. tmolitor mt: huge thanks for your help!! I looked ad your last trace and it seems to work as expected :) I already uploaded a new plugin version containing the fixes :)
  150. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [700:060b01ce7504]: Fixed some bugs in the httpupload feature detection when reconnecting Fixed some bugs in the httpupload feature detection when reconnecting
  151. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim Plugins • Changeset [701:3019b29339f6]: Better debug output when image loading fails Better debug output when image loading fails
  152. bot RSS: Feeds for Gajim • Ticket #8122 ("Open PGP Key not trusted" Popup-Window) reopened I set up my pc with Xubuntu 15.10 today and installied gajim-nightly. Now there is the same error again described in here. I tried it with Gajim stable and nightly (Gajim 0.16.4-f97e0bf41644). GTK+-Version: 2.24.28 PyGTK-Version 2.24.0 Although Gajim recognizes that the key is trusted it always shows the checkbox (see image). ​http://i.imgur[…]
  153. tmolitor arune: maybe we should add a right click menu to the image in the url_image_preview plugin...the menu could contain "copy image url to clipboard" and "open image in browser"....that would be more intuitive :)
  154. arune tmolitor: great fixes to image preview plugin
  155. arune That would be great with right click ☺
  156. tmolitor arune: just the ones proposed in ;)
  157. tmolitor arune: do you know how to register a right click handler? it could/should be in the gajim source for the xhtml image view...
  158. saqura Is the "image preview plugin" part of the HttpUpload plugin? Since I don't have an image preview plugin, however all text links are replaced with the actual images
  159. tmolitor saqura: no, the image preview plugin is extra, but the httpupload plugin sends xhtml messages containing a preview image (I think that's why you see the actual images rather than the links)...
  160. arune tmolitor: we solved that already
  161. tmolitor saqura: but that's something only the httpupload plugin of gajim does (conversations only sends plain links and nothing more for example)...and you only see the preview of the image someone sends you if you have enabled xhtml...
  162. tmolitor arune: what do you mean?
  163. arune saqura: but if the image url is sent from Conversations you'll need the image preview plugin since Conversations does not send the xhtml
  164. saqura tmolitor: Ok thanks, I was wondering! Would it be possible to have a maximum displayed image size (or auto-resize)? Since the images that are displayed can get very big.
  165. arune tmolitor: its currently possible to copy the image URL by selecting it and Ctrl+c
  166. saqura Strange, since I am using it with Conversations, yet I get inline images in gajim when sending images from Conversations using HttpUpload.
  167. arune Then you must have the image preview plugin then ☺
  168. tmolitor arune: yes, but I find it unintuitive...I myself had to open it in the browser to copy the url from its addressbar because I didn't know it better...and I should know it ;)
  169. arune Right, doing right click to get a menu would be cool
  170. tmolitor saqura: arune is right, then you have the plugin activated....and the plugin has a settings window where you can tune the image size according to your needs :)
  171. saqura This is strange, since it is definitely not in the installed-plugins-list
  172. saqura I wasn't even aware that this plugin exists
  173. tmolitor arune: would you mind to give me your private jid? I want to discuss something with you :)
  174. tmolitor saqura, do you use window or linux (or mac)?
  175. arune tmolitor: arune jabber at
  176. tmolitor arune: thx :)
  177. saqura tmolitor: This happens on both linux and windows for me
  178. tmolitor saqura: under linux there should be /home/<username>/.local/share/gajim/plugins/
  179. tmolitor saqura: what directories do you see there?
  180. saqura httpupload and gotr
  181. tmolitor well, that's *really* strange...
  182. tmolitor saqura: let me test something...what do you see here?
  183. tmolitor
  184. saqura Just the link. To correct myself, it only happens when being sent HttpUpload images from conversations
  185. saqura I already tested normale image links, like yours, it doesn't happen there
  186. saqura Maybe there is some XHTML?
  187. arune hm, daniel mentioned working on it
  188. arune but I didnt see such commits
  189. saqura tmolitor: There is an img-tag in the message, could it be that?
  190. tmolitor saqura, ah, well yes!! the conversations dev told me a few days ago that he is now sending xhtml, too
  191. saqura tmolitor: Great :) One less mystery
  192. arune yes, he just confirmed in the conversations muc
  193. tmolitor saqura: but he won't scale it because he thinks that should be done on the receiving side...
  194. saqura tmolitor: I think conversations just sets the size of the image, which is pretty big when taking pictures and sending them. I think a maximum size would make sense in gajim
  195. arune also, he does not actually send any thumb
  196. tmolitor saqura: you could just disable xhtml in gajim and use the image_preview_plugin
  197. arune like the gajim plugin does (sending the thumb data in the message)
  198. tmolitor saqura, arune: conversations sets the image size in the image tag to the size the actual image is and uses the normal httpupload url as the image's no preview/thumbnail at all...
  199. saqura Yes, that's what I meant :)
  200. tmolitor arune: yes, that's what I told him 2 weeks ago...
  201. tmolitor saqura: would that be an option for you (disabling xhtml and using the preview plugin to display the images)?
  202. saqura tmolitor: Sure, it might be easier for others though to have some better defaults
  203. tmolitor saqura: yes, maybe....this is something asterix has to decide...what do you thing asterix?